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8346 dewayne lane - jonesboro, Georgia - 30236 - United States

I am currently looking for some part time to full time work in the Georgia area that will utilize my experiences of online video and live streaming production. I have been able to create and produce one of the top productions for virtual racing online today. This production requires the use of multiple pieces of software and basic programming to bring the graphics, animations and video streaming production all together in a seamless well ran show.
ExperienceExecutive producer at LSRTV "LiveSimRacingTV" broadcasting.

We are an online broadcasting studio that features virtual NASCAR style events running on the iRacing simulator software. Currently responsible for running the wirecast software. Setting up the environment and layers to produce each show.

Video promotion production and editing using the adobe software suite. After Effects, Photoshop and Vegas Pro for video production.

Each broadcast is ran via 3 separate machines that I operate to seamlessly produce a replication of live TV event races.

Two computers run a virtual overlay system that has graphics I create to show on screen information gathered from live server date to provide onscreen tracking information about the live racers. This system has a virtual camera system that I use to cover the action live. This requires knowledge and imagination in order to bring interesting visuals to the viewers.

The third computer runs the wirecast software. I seamlessly operate this live in conjunction with the camera computers. Providing the audio commentary, camera switches and video production animations on screen live.

During the live broadcast I coordinate all this action with live commentators during each event. This can range from 2 people in the virtual booth up to 5.

Oversee all phases of video production for LSRTV, from pre- to post-production.
Produced entertainment and lifestyle news reports, music videos and commercials.
Supervised the post-production process, including editing, dubbing and color correction.

I have been able to successfully bring one of the higher production values to online simulator broadcasting. As the sole production manager and executive producer, I have been able to replicate a visual experience that requires much larger crew base. LSRTV is currently considered one of the best online broadcasting companies available right now, bringing not only top quality live streaming events along with great visuals but also top quality commentary to match the live event action.
EducationClayton State University
Starting Sophomore semester in the fall of 2015

Area of study "Bachelor of Sciences" Chemistry
SpecialityHigh level of experience using the wirecast pro software. Version 6.
Highly adept at multitasking, scene control, replay features and overlay usage and social media plug in.
Hardware ProficiencySetting up and connecting multiple pieces of computer hardware and capture devices in order to run within the wirecast environment
Software ProficiencyHigh level of experience with wirecast

Ability to edit and create some After Effects projects

Basic knowledge of Photoshop

Basic knowledge of Vegas Pro

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Submitted by on May 13, 2015
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8346 dewayne lane - jonesboro, Georgia - 30236 - United States

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