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410-2125 Burtch Estates - Kelowna, British Columbia - V1Y8N1 - Canada

I'm stationed in Western Canada, Kelowna, BC to be exact. I'm very open to creative projects, so drop me a line at my website:
I can do almost everything in the whole creative process pipeline, so there's a good chance I could save you tonnes of money if you would like my services. I can also some website work too, saving another 5000$ for many.
ExperienceIn short I've been working with digital media, film and music recording since it was possible on the PC. That date for me is roughly the year 2000. I've loved it ever since and steadily improved my skills.
EducationI'm a UBC Psych Grad, but my main focus was "Art Psychology/Therapies" and studies of Creativity and Spirituality.
I also attended TRU in Kamloops and University of Lethbridge.
SpecialityI'm a creative "idea" man who loves to work with others who also share the love of creativity. I find it quite spiriutal actually and there's a certain "release of genius" energy that takes place when you connect with the right people.
Hardware ProficiencyI've been a computer lover ever since they came out back in 1986 for me.
So I've constantly grown with technology. I feel at home on all computers.
I also have considerable working knowledge with filming and the Panasonic GH4 currently.
Software ProficiencyI'm good with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Cubase, and Blender 3D

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Submitted by on May 15, 2015
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410-2125 Burtch Estates - Kelowna, British Columbia - V1Y8N1 - Canada

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