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ExperienceI am very sad to say you i have no work experience. Actually i like to work only in Hollywood industry. Hollywood is not my dream. This is my life and my soul. When i was in 9th class. I started to play video game. I played first game in my life that is Prince of Persia series. When i played this game i feel that i am in the different world. Actually I impressed by its graphics and mainly video footage. This game gave me my friend on my birthay .From that time i thought that i will make one day these type of things. My interest was increasing after watching hollywood movies. So, i don’t think so study and work experience is necessary to get this job. Interest is very important than degree or experience. In the world no everyone can study because of many people have financial problem. But it’s not mean that they are no capable to do this job. Many millionaire and billionaire are uneduacated. But they are most successful . I think nothing is important for me because of i can do everything. When i completed my graduation i had one problem that was
international language ( English ). But i want to do work in hollywood industry. So i can do everything to get job in hollywood industry. Now i am confident because i can speak english. To be 2d compositor i keep knowledge of every new things what people want and how can entertain them. I am sending you my showreel of 2d compositing and Visual effects . Please go to link Above and after all things. Please reply me because I am very exciting for your response. Lastly, sorry for sending personal infomation on the work experience category.
EducationI have completed my graduation in May 2014 in Apeejay College of Fine Arts in Jalandhar.
Speciality2D compositing , VFX
Software ProficiencyAfter effect, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe premier

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Submitted by on Jul 7, 2015
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SUBHASH NAGAR, ST. NO. 1, HOUSE NO. 349 - PHAGWARA, Punjab - 144401 - India

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