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Barbyus 63 - Yerevan, N/A - Armenia

ExperienceWe are a sophisticated group of individuals that make the amazing team that we are. We work from small projects to higher, on going, yearly projects that require someone trustworthy and as passionate as much as you are. We have been in the industry for over 5 years and strive o grow our studio even further!
EducationMost of us are self acclaimed professionals with private video or audio school education in our arsenal.
SpecialityHere at VMS studio we believe in quality over quantity! We have a team of selected professionals who act like a big strong family. We have chosen them not by their skills only but also how fun it is to work with these individuals. With each contract we hope for an exciting experience that will help us enjoy our lives even more! The world of Video and Audio is the world of magic where everything is possible, and even the impossible gets a chance of possibility.
You will find our response-times very quick, so feel free to drop us a line, say hi and introduce your project. Regardless of which stage your project is, our team will be happy to take it over, hear your requests, suggest solutions and ideas, and then deliver the results in par with your expectations.

If you are starting a new line of products or business, etc. our team can help you develop both video ads, design banners and print graphics, help you thru the advertising and even create a website for you. It’s easier to do all these different tasks with people who are already familiar with the project.

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Barbyus 63 - Yerevan, N/A - Armenia

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