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Neil Benton Arts & Entertainment  Insurance

Neil Benton Arts & Entertainment  Insurance


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6336 N. Oracle Road, Ste. 326-191 - Tucson, Arizona - 85704 - United States

If you need help with insurance for your project or would like a comparison, we're here to help. Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping you organize your next production.
ExperienceNeil Benton Arts & Entertainment is a niche insurance firm specializing in film production and event insurance coverages. Our agency focuses on assisting independent filmmakers, artists, and entertainment support service companies with production budgeting and insurance solutions for various types of productions, projects, or events. We specialize in prompt, personalized partnerships with our clients, and have a proven history of stellar service.

Our clients live, work and play across the country. It is a joy to help both new and well-established artists and professionals. Insurance isn't a sexy industry, but we have managed to make our job fun. This company came about as Taylor and I looked for a way to take our years of experience and skills gained in the finance industry (banking & insurance) and combine that with our love of the arts. Most of our work is focused on the insurance needs of our clients and being a liaison to navigate the world of left brain-artist types who would much rather spend their valuable time concentrating on their craft.
EducationNeil Benton Arts & Entertainment is the ONLY insurance firm in Arizona catering specifically to the entertainment, production and events industries, and one of the only boutique firms of this type nationwide. We work closely with state and local film offices and other officials to provide timely, comprehensive insurance, and financial consulting and risk management services to clients. We support a diverse clientele base across the country.

Our programs cover everything from tiny under $1,000 budget indy films & concerts, to equipment rental houses, to blanket film school policies, up to multi-million dollar productions. We can handle general liability, stunts, cast insurance, D.I.C.E./Annual policies, filming in Mexico and other international locations, E&O, auto liability, property insurance for owned and rented equipment, office coverages for production companies, negatives and film coverages and any of the other numerous areas of insurance that are particular to the film industry.

In addition to selling insurance and other financial products we also sponsor “Finance for Film Makers” workshops in conjunction with our local independent film associations (including IFASA and others) covering not only insurance but also general risk management, accounting, taxes, payroll and other financial topics critical to smoothly creating marketable films. We really enjoy these teaching opportunities and are always looking for more.

Speciality- General Liability, Property Coverages, Package Policies
- Workers Compensation
- Hired & Non-Owned Automobiles
- Owned and Rental Equipment
- Cast Coverage
- Production Protection Coverages including Extra Expense, Faulty Stock, Rental Reimbursement and others
- Producers Errors and Omissions
- Cancellation Coverage
- Rental Houses
- Varied production risks including stunts/pyrotechnics, watercraft, international locations and much more...

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6336 N. Oracle Road, Ste. 326-191 - Tucson, Arizona - 85704 - United States

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