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My name is Johnny X. Martinez, but first and foremost I would like to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to appreciate my musical artistry and achievements. Additionally, for future reference I would like to make all of my clients aware that I do offer 100% remote services (which comes with its own value savings), so distance need not be a problem!

Johnny X. Martinez

Original Film Scoring.
Because a good movie has a soundtrack,
but a great film has an original score.

ExperienceA very brief overview of my experience, as well as some official projections:

For the sake of efficiency, I will simply place a list of my roster, which shows most if not every individual film I have officially composed the score/music for. Further, it also reveals many films I am contracted to score in the near or far future.

Notes: The “TBA” place-holder is used to signify a film currently in pre-production that I am not really allowed to comment on at this time. Sorry for any confusions; additionally, the genre descriptions are listed in order from most prominent themes, to least prominent.

2013 roster:
- Eye For And Eye. (Festival - Short film) (Thriller, Drama)
- Sitter (Slated for release in 2017) (Drama, Mystery, Thriller)

2014 roster:
- The Disconnect Rules (Festival - Short film) (Action, Thriller, Comedy)
- My last note (Festival - Short film) (Romance, Dramatic-Thriller)
- I Saw (Slated for release in 2016) (Action, Thriller, Mystery)

2015 roster:
- ARiSEN I (Feature film) (Horror-Slasher, Drama, Mystery)
- Defarious (Feature film) (Horror, Psychological Thriller, Sci-Fi)
- TBA ( Short film)

2016 roster:
- ARiSEN II: Revelations (Feature film) (Horror-Slasher, Drama, Mystery)
- TBA (Festival - Short film)

2018 roster:
- Back Road (Feature film) (Psychological Thriller, Horror-Slasher, Drama)
- Uprising (Feature film) (Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi)
- ARiSEN III (Feature film) (Horror-Slasher, Drama, Mystery)
-TBA (Feature film)
-TBA (Festival - Short film)
EducationIn general, I have been proficiently studying, performing, and composing music since 2005, and realistically even far before then, as an amateur child musician during the 90's.

Academically speaking, since 2009, I have received on-going classical training as an extended-bass range ‘Tenor,’ with supplemental training in some contemporary vocal styles. Alongside classical voice, I received classical training in Piano as my secondary instrument and later, I began experimenting with and learning to play the “fiddle.” In addition, I have also received training in music theory, music composition, and several other areas of musical interest, in an effort to obtain my ‘Doctorates’ in ‘Music theory and Composition.’ These areas include, but are not limited to: Electronic-sound production, audio engineering, orchestration & part writing, live recording and more.

Worth mentioning: In august, 2012, I enrolled in the national music-composition competition (Driven-Creativity), organized and conceived by multi-billion dollar company, G-Technology. In short, I ranked-in first place and earned the national title of best free-lance composer of music in the United States.
SpecialityAll in all, my main focus and passion lies with the composition of orchestral music for films of all genres, especially the more expressive ones. ( Action, Thriller, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, etc) Nevertheless, no matter the circumstance, I am equally adept at scoring for all varieties of film, and I always strive to meet and exceed client expectations; taking all the steps possible to cater to every unique need that each individual film brings to the table.

On that note, I must admit I also really do enjoy composing music for various other forms of visual media, including everything from video-games to television/web shows, to film trailers, and even production-company logos. Further, I have also worked with many individual musicians and bands that felt they needed a little something extra to really help make their music shine.

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