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I would really enjoy an opportunity to work with you.

Demo Reel:
Bear Hanrahan Reel 2015
This is my reel from over the last year and a half. ... more

ExperienceVideographer for 5 years
Video Editor for 4 years
Colorist for 3 years
Worked at Monitogo Studios for 3 years as a VFX artist performing rotoscoping, chroma keying, matte painting, color correction, object removal, and motion tracking.
Worked as a videographer for local political campaigns
Worked as a Videographer for 212 Box on the most recent Into Mystery campaign on Kickstarter.
EducationHigh school graduate
Intern at Monitogo Studios
I have been making videos since I was ten years old and it was included it as part of my curriculum.
My short 'Set Free' was an Official Selection and also won Best Young Filmmaker at CWVFF 2015
SpecialityI specialize in filmic color that is inspired by old film stock.
Hardware ProficiencyI am proficient in DSLR video using Canon and Sony DSLRS, cinematic lighting, lighting for chroma key, sound equipment including shotgun microphones and sound recorders
Software ProficiencyI am proficient in the Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Speedgrade as well as PluralEyes 3.

I am also learning how to use Da Vinci Resolve, but I am not proficient in it yet.

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Submitted by on Sep 22, 2015
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2445 W. Pebble Creek Dr. - Nixa, Missouri - 65714 - United States

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