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Color Correction and Grading

Amman, Amman - 00962 - Jordan


Melad Moffaq

Melad is an award winning cinematographer, Film and TV colorist and editor, Iraqi origin with International slate of productions.
Melad has worked on over than 400 motion picture productions.

Cameras used: ALEXA, RED Cameras, ARRIFLEX 435 Extreme, Sony F900R, F35, F55, F5, Panasonic P2 3700 VARI Cam, Canon C500, Canon C300, and the DSLR cameras.

Color Grading software: Davinci Resolve, Autodesk Smoke, Baselight. (Available hardware and software)

Editing Software: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere CC. (Available hardware and software).

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EducationBA in Cinematography.
Color Grading courses.
Editing Courses.

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Amman, Amman - 00962 - Jordan

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