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Stephen Hall Media and Software Remote and On-Location Recording

Remote and On-Location Recording

Renton, Washington - 98055 - United States

Demo Reel:
Location Audio Demo Reel - Stephen Hall
A series of audio clips from real short-film productions where Stephen Hall recorded/mixed the location sound. Some don't have matching picture. Interiors, exteriors and a variety of equipment.... more

ExperienceInvolved with independent film-making since 2005. Focusing on location sound exclusively since 2007. About 30 location sound gigs since then.

First experience with location sound was on a TV news crew in the 1970s. Experience with 16mm film post-production in the late 1970s at a film lab.

Some audio post experience: dialogue editing, cleanup, noise-reduction, EQ, sound effects, Foley, 'sweetening'.
SpecialityLocation sound recording for independent film, corporate video, PSAs.
Hardware ProficiencySound Devices 442 mixer, Edirol R4-Pro 4-track recorder, Schoeps CMC641 and Sennheiser MKH-416 microphones, 4 channels Sennheiser G2 wireless.
Software ProficiencySound Forge 9, Vegas 10, Photoshop CS3, MS Office suite.

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Submitted by on Jul 7, 2009
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Renton, Washington - 98055 - United States

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