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Craig Herron started making films back in the ‘60s, when he was still in high school. He talked his parents into giving him an 8mm movie camera for Christmas one year, and has been at it in some form ever since.

After spending four years in Air Force intelligence during the Vietnam war, he used his GI bill money to attend the Professional Institute of Commercial Art in Baltimore. Upon graduating Craig was offered a job as an instructor, and later helped found the animation department.

After leaving PICA, Craig worked at various commercial art jobs before starting Herron Designs in the 1980s. Initially he worked as a sketch portrait artist and did freelance commercial art. By the 1990s Herron Designs had become a display and decorative art and mural business. Craig created sets for shopping malls, theaters and party planners, and also painted murals in restaurants and private homes. By the mid-90s, with the birth of digital technology, Herron Designs was able to return to Craig's first love -- making movies.

Initially Herron Designs did small productions for clients. Craig worked as a production designer and built a set for the Captain Seaweed and Crew puppet show. Captain Seaweed eventually did several PSAs for the Department of Natural Resources and then several kids’ shows at Jones Intercable. Herron Designs did the animated titles.

Another Captain Seaweed PSA was animated by Herron Designs and ran for years on UPN 24 in Baltimore.

In 2000 Herron Designs began work on its first short movie, A Fall From The Clouds, which combined live action shot against green screen with animation. Craig did the production design, and designed a church tower set which he painted in faux stone. He also built all the CGI models and animated the move.

The set was matched to computer art which added the rest of the church and the French countryside around it, as well as numerous WWI biplanes.

A Fall From The Clouds went on to win Best Animation at the Red Bull Independents Film Festival held in Washington D.C., a Silver Telly award, and a gold Aurora award. The short also appeared on Independent

Eye on Maryland Public Television hosted by Joan Jett and was an official selection at the Maryland Film Festival, as well as several other films festivals nationwide. The short was distributed by Film Movement and later on by Belle and Blade Video.

With the success of A Fall From The Clouds, Herron Designs found work on local commercials and numerous independent films doing visual effects, production design and occasionally co-directing.

By the fall of 2006 Craig Herron and Steven Fischer completed an animated documentary called Freedom Dance, the true story of a newly wed couple who escaped from Hungary in 1956. Edward Hilbert, the young husband, was a cartoonist and kept a cartoon journal documenting their flight from Hungary, through Austria and Germany, to the United States. Edward’s journal was the basis of the animation for Freedom Dance. Edward produced new original artwork that was animated by Herron Designs.

Craig was co-producer, co-director, and co-editor with Steven Fischer. Craig and Steven had the privilege to direct the narrator, 2006 Emmy winning best actress Mariska Hargitay. Mariska's father, Mickey Hargitay, had also escaped from Hungary to come to America. Her mother was the movie star Jayne Mansfield. Freedom Dance won three Cine Golden Eagle awards, including their highest award, the Masters Series award for Best Independent Film. That award came with a $10,000 post production prize from Henniger Video in Arlington, VA.

Freedom Dance also won the $1000 best in show prize at the Rosebud Film Festival in Arlington, VA, a Peer Award from ITVA in D.C. and was an official selection at the Maryland Film Festival and numerous other festivals around the nation.

In 2008 Craig was the production designer, visual effects supervisor and part time assistant director on JuJu, a horror movie about voodoo. Craig was called upon to select props and set dressing, as well as design and supervis the building of a decrepit swamp shack set, a confessional booth and a coffin and tombstones for the feature film.

Craig is currently working on his third short based on Edgar Allen Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher and is working in preproduction on two period feature projects.

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Compositing, animation and visual effects in After Effects. 3D animation and modeling in Lightwave.... more

ExperienceCurrent Projects
Untitled Feature
2008 Rosebud Film Festival "Best in Show" , 2008 CINE Golden Eagle Special Jury and Masters Series, 2007 CINE Golden Eagle, 2007 Peer Award (Washington DC) for Freedom Dance, Gold Aurora, Silver Telly, Best Animation Red bull Film Festival, for A Fall From The Clouds. Gold Telly for Kringle 9000, Bronze Telly for Silence of Falling Leaves (dir. Steven Fischer), and Bronze Telly for script for Essex Co. College (Barbara Herron)
Speciality3D modeling and animation; 2D, 2.5D animation, Visual Effects, Matte paintings in 2D, 2.5D and 3D sometimes combined with actual sets that I design.
Hardware ProficiencyMacintosh Computers

Digital still camera

HDV camera

Canon T2i HD DSLR
Software ProficiencyAfter Effects 2D, 2.5D Animation and Compositing, Digital Matte Painting, Visual FX

Lightwave 3D modeling and animation, Computer illustration, projection mapping.

Final Cut Pro Editing

Photoshop pretty much everything.

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