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204 Greenhow Court SE Leesburg, Virginia - Leesburg, Leesburg - 20175 - United States

ExperienceWe the Color Expert International (CEI) is a large team of high quality professional image manipulation and graphic design service provider. Our Head Office is located in Virginia, USA. We have a production establishment in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We also have a joint venture concern in India named Clipping Path INDIA. In Dubai United Arab Emirates we have a coordinating office. As a 30 years old company we have developed a very in-depth skill. Our experts are always assisting our professional to maintain the high quality, and checking the deliverables so that it meets our standard.

EducationOur main clients are USA and European companies like magazine / catalogue companies, professional model/fashion and product photographers, photo studios, prepress and printing companies, web developer companies etc.
SpecialityClipping Path and Multi Path
Our experienced and highly skilled professional are excellently expert for doing the clipping path services.
Clipping with Hair Mask
We have expert professionals for complex hair and fur masking services.
Clipping Path with Neck Joint/Ghost Mannequin service
Our experts can knock out the mannequin and join the neck like wizards.

Our other services are:
Photo retouching
Color Correction
Photo restoration
Shadow creation
Image masking/Hair masking
Clipping path/ Multiple clipping path services

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204 Greenhow Court SE Leesburg, Virginia - Leesburg, Leesburg - 20175 - United States

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