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Düsseldorf, NRW - 40210 - Germany

What you will learn about me is that I am highly creative. Having worked in advertising, film, television, commercial production and print in NYC for thirteen years I have the ability to think outside of the box. I have able able to produce quality work and understand the importance of deadlines.

You will also discover that because of my work in Social Media, I have created a network on LinkedIn and Xing.... which is continuously growing. This has also contributed to the articles I have written. Understanding how to utilize Social Media for Networking and PR is very important.
Experience2013 - Present
* Organizer of Behance Dribbble Events and Community in Germany.

* Keynote Speaker at the Adobe Create Now Conference in Berlin
* Moderator / Co-Organizer of the Adobe Create Now Conference in Duesseldorf
* Adobe Influncer DACH Program
* Writer for Wacom InfoChannel
* Curator of Wacom Gallery on Behance
* Keynote Speaker at Behance Event in Pescara Italy
* Guest Writer for Lürzer Archive

* Writer for Advanced Photoshop Magazine
* Adobe Community Professionals Program
* Writer for Photoshop Creative Magazine
* Keynote Speaker at the What's Next? Conference in Lithuania
* Writer on LinkedIn Pulse

EducationMiddle Tennessee State University
Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications

Additional Courses:
German A1.1, A1.2
German B1.1, B1.2
German Orientierungskurs
SpecialityCreative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting, Writing, Social Media, PR, Engagement, Content Creation, Contest Creation, Community Development, Illustration, Photography
Hardware ProficiencyMac, PC, Wacom Cintiq
Software ProficiencyAdobe Photoshop (since 1994), Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office

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Düsseldorf, NRW - 40210 - Germany

Graphic Design   •   Illustration
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