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ExperienceTREBAS PRODUCTION, Montreal 2015-2016
• Editing Collaborator - Commercials
- Collaborated on the overall results of 2x30 second commercials, giving my input in regards to the images and music.

• Editor - Short Film 2015-2016
- Edited and Color corrected a 8 minute short film using Avid & Pro Tools, as well as creating the titles and credits roll.
- Established the direction of the editing end results, working efficiently using s script and experimenting artistically.
- Selected the music, exploring different tracks, delivering sound & ambiance track corresponding the mood of the film
- Removed the bad sounds from the track, created ADR, transferring it to the new track and synchronizing the sound to the image and making sure the ambient sound was respected.

• Co-Editor - Music Video 2015
- Organized the sequence of a music video, referring to the song

• Editor - Scene reproduction 2015
- Reworked an existing scene, editing it differently than its original version, using Adobe Premiere

• Co-Editor - Scenes 2015
- Edited a 40 second chase scene, respecting the requirements of the teacher
- Worked a 90 second discussion scene, learning how to use Avid and make sure the conversation flowed
- Added and synchronized the sound to the image for a 2-2 minute sequences
Education• Attestation of collegial Studies in Film and TV production 2016

Course Outline:

- Production 1-2-3-4
- Digital Camera and Lighting
- Film & Video Sound Recording
- Film & Television Language
- Picture Editing Techniques
- Sound Editing Techniques
- Film & Television History
- Television Control
- 16mm Camera and Lighting
- Image and Sound Semiology
- Television Production
- Film & TV Project Management
- Communication & Medias

Software Proficiency- Avid
- Pro tools
- Celtx
- Word
- Excel
- PowerPoint
- Outlook

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111-222 rue de la barre - Longueuil, Québec - j4k 2t9 - Canada

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