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AdSortium Media Director of Photography

AdSortium Media Director of Photography

Director of Photography


Loveland, Colorado - United States

I maintain a complete inventory of production gear that includes multiple camera options, wired and wireless audio, camera support including tripods, a full-sized doorway dolly, & a 12' jib, and an extensive selection of lighting and grip equipment.
ExperienceBen has been involved in the communications media industry since 1982. His experience spans directing a weekly, live TV broadcast, sideline camera assistant for ABC Sports, Assistant DP for a Lifetime Television documentary, photography and videography from helicopters and airplanes, and has shot video across the US and in Guam, Japan, and China. He also works as a still photographer during the production of different projects, including commercial product shots, a historical documentary for PBS, and the emergency reconstruction efforts following Hurricane Katrina’s landfall in Louisiana.

An accomplished, award winning professional, Ben works with clients and other producers to achieve a high level of quality and overall production value. He has worked as a producer for TEDx, shot concert and promotional video for blues singer Bo Diddley and country music artist Gary P. Nunn, photographed Patrick Dempsey’s Dempsey Racing team on ‘Pit Row’ at Daytona Speedway, interviewed members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and even worked with Sesame Street’s Telly and Elmo. His work has been shown on multiple local and regional broadcast stations as well as QVC, American Forces Information Service, The Pentagon Channel, and seen distribution via The Walmart News Room.
EducationBBA - Business Management
Certified Expert Witness - Video/Audio Clarification
TWIC credentialed
Patience and wisdom that only experience can impart
SpecialityMulti-camera and corporate A/V events
Corporate communication with a specialization in heavy industry, medicine, and education.
Documentary production
TV commercials
Product photography
Hardware ProficiencyOver the years, I've probably worked with every major equipment manufacturer's products. Yes, there's an enhanced comfort level with some products over others, but they're all a means to an end. You use what tools are available to get the job done.

Generally, my focus has been on Panasonic HDX & HPX, Sony SD/HD, JVC SD/HD, and Canon full and crop frame DSLR cameras.

I've produced and TD'd hundreds of shows using boards from Blackmagic (ATEM), Sony, Echolab, Panasonic, Folsom, & RushWorks (REMO & V-Desk).

Audio solutions from Shure, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and Mackie can always be found on my comfort list. And, extensive experience with Yamaha, Soundcraft, ElectroVoice, Tascam, QSC, and others generally prevents any unexpected surprises.

If all the world's a stage... ask for better lighting. Grip and lighting gear is ubiquitous in this business and anyone serious about what they do has worked with and probably owns a selection of gear that will do what needs to be done. C-stands, C47, cookies & gobos, HMI, LED, DMX, Speed Ring, etc? Yep. Been there. Done that.

Software ProficiencyI'm fairly software-agnostic. If there's a tool that gets the job done, then that's what I use. And with the ever-changing landscape of features and capability, who's to say what will be the 'best' option for accomplishing any given task at a given moment in time? That said, I've found that there's almost nothing I can't accomplish using Media 100, ProTools, the Adobe Creative Suite, HandBrake, and MS Office.

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Loveland, Colorado - United States

Cinematography   •   Director of Photography
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