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Daniel Hirsh Film Editor Film Editing

Daniel Hirsh Film Editor Film Editing

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4960 N Wildwood Ave - Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin - 53217-6014 - United States

I really love what I do and I always wish I could do more. My clients are the most important thing to me, and there is so much to learn from each project--each client and their work opens up a whole new world to explore for me. There's always a unique set of challenges; no one client ever wants the same thing, and the subject matter I've worked with is so varied I've developed quite a unique worldly view. The cool thing? Nearly all freelance editors have this experience; we jump into projects knowing virtually nothing about the subject material, and by applying a narrative format, we aim to make the intended audience feel really smart.
ExperienceI have 20 years of experience as a film and video editor, starting with linear tape-to-tape in 1996, and progressing to non-linear in 2001. In 2005, I went into business for myself as not only an editor, but a consultant, a compression specialist, a director, a voice-over artist, an actor, and filmmaker.

I work primarily with Final Cut Pro. I'm a fan of the older version (7), but am slowly warming up to version X. I also author DVDs; menus, chapters, labels, and cover designs, and have expert knowledge in compression formats for streaming and download.

I have experience working with everything from short films, to features, to wedding and corporate videos, to music videos, to slide presentations, to PSAs. I try to find the narrative thread in everything I do and am interested in clients who are always looking to push the limits of what they believe is possible in film.
EducationI received my degree in Film & Media Studies and Drama with a minor in Writing from Washington University in St. Louis, having taken courses in Video Production, Post-Production, Screenwriting, Film Producing, Film History, Theory, and the film of several European cultures. I also studied Directing and Acting including Acting for the camera, Shakespeare on-site at the Bankside Globe in London, and performed in several world-premiere productions.

I also learned 16mm and 35mm film projectors, screening assigned films for the department of Film & Media Studies.
SpecialityI specialize in editing. While I can do more than just that, editing is where I feel the most creative. Editing allows me to see levels of specificity that, while 99.9% of the audience may not see, I know that cutting a frame here or adding a second there can make a world of difference when it comes to creating an effect that causes the audience to feel something. We try to keep the audience engaged always, turning the project into, by its very essence, a living breathing organism with natural rhythm that does NOT disturb the air by creating awkward or "out-of-place" moments by sloppy or careless post-production work. Creating this type of balance can be tricky, but I do it naturally. If a project doesn't grab my attention within a few seconds and hold it, something is wrong and I work tirelessly to fix it.
Hardware ProficiencyI am proficient on all Macintosh computers with a rudimentary understanding of the more contemporary Windows machines. I am familiar with tapeless and tape-based video cameras, from consumer to professional, as well as firewire/thunderbolt devices, live switchers, TV studio setups, HDMI-based home entertainment, and much more.
Software ProficiencyI am proficient in Final Cut Studio and the new versions of Final Cut X and Compressor. I also know Camtasia, Office, Flix Pro, QuickTime, MPEG Streamclip, FFMPEG X, and can easily adapt to any type of compression software.

I also know Toast 14 Professional and/or Titanium for DVD and Blu-Ray authoring. I also use screen capture software by Roxio, Viola, and the Quicktime.

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4960 N Wildwood Ave - Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin - 53217-6014 - United States

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