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- San Francisco, California - United States

ExperienceI've been working in the design field for over 20 years. I taught myself Photoshop and Illustrator in order to get a job doing packaging design. Having started programming on my Apple IIe when I was young, I got into programming lingo for Macromedia Director and then eventually into Actionscript for Flash and Flex. Eventually I was exposed to After Effects and quickly moved into motion graphics. I taught myself how to use several 3D packages and finally decided on Cinema 4D as my 3D package of choice. I have been teaching various classes for the past 5 years at Expression College for Digital Art in Emeryville, CA. Classes that I have taught include: Actionscript 3 Programming, Creative Direction, Beginning After Effects, Advanced After Effects and 3D for Designers and Music Video 2.
EducationBachelor's degree in design from Cal State Sacramento. Started in design in 1991. Studied lighting design and architectural design. I also have a home theater company that does design and installation of complete home theaters.

Currently course director at Expression College for Digital Art in Emeryville, CA as well as a contract instructor at the Bay Area Video Coalition - BAVC in San Francisco, CA
SpecialityCinema 4D, After Effects and Actionscript
Cinema - Xpresso
Hardware ProficiencyMacs, PCs, MIDI
Software ProficiencyCinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Dreamweaver, Flash

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Submitted by on Jul 17, 2009
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- San Francisco, California - United States

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by Tim Shetz
You need to post in the forums...this is not a good way to contact me as I can't get back to you.

cloner/mask trouble
by Andrew Riss
hey tim sorry to bug you.

can you take a look at thid file and see why I cant get this to work?

Andrew Riss
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