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ExperienceMy name is Francesco Uboldi and I am an Italian filmmaker and university-level film educator. I am from and currently based in Milan, where I have just returned after working and living abroad for most of my professional life (across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and North America). I have plenty of experience in producing roles and have acted numerous times as a fixer/translator/line producer for international shoots throughout the country.
I speak perfectly fluent English, good Spanish, and basic French (other than Italian). I hold a valid driver's license (and, yes, I can totally drive the Italian way). I can provide full production services along with my team. I can take care of researches, permits, budgets, schedules, and talents with equal and absolute confidence and run any production task always with the utmost attention to detail and a smile on my face. Also, I am an all-around filmmaker and I am very proficient in most technical aspects of a shoot.
For everything else please refer to my LinkedIn profile, where you can track down some of the longer gigs I have worked on and the contacts for possible references:
EducationI hold a Master's Degree in Communication Science (Summa cum Laude Honors) with a specific focus on Film&Video, Journalism, and Multimedia.

Shortly after graduating from the University of Bologna (Italy), in 2003 I started teaching the undergraduate Communication Science students at the University of Milan, IULM (large classes up to 250 pupils and a theoretical approach to film and new media). A couple of years later I shifted most of my teaching hours within that institution to the Journalism Graduate School (15 students per year and a more practical approach to video production). After other shorter assignments at universities in Italy, starting from 2012 I have paired the teaching in Milan with that in Asia. At the International Academy of Film and Television I have taught almost entirely very hands-on classes for no more than a dozen students at a time.

Over these years not only did I greatly hone my teaching skills in the classroom, but also I learned how to develop curricula, while always staying absolutely current with the industry. As a matter of fact, even in the last few years when I picked up courses both here in Italy and in Asia, I have always used the time in between teaching assignments to work as a producer. I have done so in many different countries and markets, living and working over the years across the globe.

At the conjunction, so to speak, of my professional experience and my job as an educator, over the years I have supervised (directly in the field most of the times) a number of very different projects. It has been cross-media works at the University of Milan (with feature documentaries, short reportages, and multimedia pieces for the Internet) and short films and TV productions at IAFT in the Philippines.

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Milan, Lombardy - Italy

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