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429 South Collier Street - Centralia, Missouri - 65240 - United States

I have the drive and enthusiasm to complete a task from start to finish.

A student of learning itself, constantly looking to expand my wheelhouse of understanding and skill-sets. I can find no constructive knowledge which does not lend itself to useful purpose, at one time or another, to the vast field of 2d/3d animation.

I am a firm believer in research and investigation to critical understanding of a product.

ExperienceHello Director, Producer, Executive,

Here is a list of my animation links and 2d portfolio link. Please realize the quality is downgraded for YouTube viewing. 2d portfolio link is at the bottom.

Relevant examples:

Animated web commercial / music video done w/ Jesse Saint,
(currently, band member, Through Fire). Illustration and cgi.
(uses set originally created for Riggs/SOTE demo).

A recent demo for Southern Pain minus the band roll,
(singer got in trouble, so project is on hold):

Promo for Furscale Video Game:

Motion graphics commercial I did the editing, effects, animation
and much of the design for portion, :30 to 1:08. Collaborative environment,
60 or so designers, nationally.

Demo for Riggs, (former Rob Zombie lead guitar), at the request of Dreamcorp, (combination of illustration and cgi w/ illustrated textures)same set as new commercial:

I would welcome the opportunity to serve you.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Daniel de la Rosa
EducationSkill Set:_______________________________________________

• Formal Anatomical Drawing, Painting and Illustration with
Skills a wide variety of mediums such as gouache, ink, etc.

• Technical Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Motion,
Skills Maya, Microsoft Office, Most CS, etc.

• Creative Designed posters and produced animations in
Skills collaboration with other artists and independently.


Master of Fine Arts: video art (dropped out) GPA 4.0
Bachelor of Fine Arts: emphasis in drawing, Exp. art GPA 3.5 +
University of Missouri, Columbia
Graduated May 18, 2008
Denver Center for the Performing Arts 2 night semesters &
Summer Symposium
Work Experience:

Freelance Work: Various Jobs, mostly editing, animation,

Photo Lab Monitor: University of Missouri Fine Arts Building
August 2005-May 2007.

AutoCad Operator: Fein & Associates. Made maps from surveys
and composited for Milwaukee and Chicago.

Deckhand: Seafarer fishing vessel, Point Judith, RI.
September 1998- February 2000.

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429 South Collier Street - Centralia, Missouri - 65240 - United States

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