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FRESKO Imageworks, Inc.  Director of Photography

FRESKO Imageworks, Inc.  Director of Photography

Director of Photography

221 Fulton Street - Westbury, New York City Metro Area - 11590 - United States

FRANCISCO ESCOBAR - "An award-winning director and cinematographer with over two decades of working experience in the Film & Television industries, brings his knowledge, talents and expertise to screen and print. A New York native, Francisco has worked extensively in all phases of the production process and has credits in American and foreign major motion pictures, broadcast television, independent feature films as well as music videos and documentaries.

Francisco is the owner of FRESKO Imageworks, Inc. in New York, a creative service that provides cinematography, lighting, photography and production services to a variety of clients and companies producing work in the film and television realm. He has contributed to work seen in movie theaters across America and abroad; in such television outlets as NBC, IFC, MTV Networks, FUSE, BET, PBS, Time-Warner Cable and Plum TV. His directing, cinematography and lighting have also been prominently featured in numerous film festivals, including TRIBECA Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, Women in Film, Cannes Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival and ACT NOW.

Francisco is, in addition to a cinematographer and director, a classically trained artist and master photographer who also works as an adjunct cinematography and lighting Instructor at New York University’s Film Intensive Workshop and has his film (Loss of Innocence) used since 2006, as curriculum sample material at the New School University’s production course on experimental film."

- DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Freelance through FRESKO Imageworks, Inc. New York, NY - Duties include working closely with the director and producer of a given production to set the style of visual storytelling. Productions include feature films, documentaries, music videos, short films and web content. On-set responsibilities also include management of production crew and leaders of various departments to ensure an efficient technical execution of a director’s artistic vision. This position includes working knowledge of all industry standard digital and film camera systems (inc. Red, Arri, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Black Magic, Panavision, Bolex). [From 2004]

- GAFFER & KEY GRIP Freelance through FRESKO Imageworks, Inc. New York, NY - Duties include directing lighting and providing camera support for a variety of productions, such as studio & indie feature films, broadcast television productions and live stage events. Specialties include lighting design; stunt rigging; blue & green chroma key environments; process trailers; vehicle rigging and electrical load distribution. [From 2000]

- CONSULTING & INSTRUCTION Freelance through FRESKO Imageworks, Inc. & NYU - School of Professional Studies, New York, NY - Duties include providing on-set and post-production support logistical and instructional support to students of NYU’s film intensive. This position also involves teaching cinematography and lighting. I also provide consultancy for independent filmmakers with budgeting and logistics. [From 2010]

1. Cinematographer (Director of Photography & Camera Operator) - Narrative, Documentary, Music Video, Short Film, Stage.

2. Photographer (Master of Photography) - Beauty, Fine Art, Portrait, Stage.

3. Lighting & Grip (Gaffer/Key Grip) - Narrative, Beauty, Abstract, Live Event, Stunt Rigging, Chroma Key, Integrated Practical Lighting for film.


4. Director (Film/TV/Web) - Narrative Short Film, Comedy, Feature Documentary, Interviews.

5. Research & Development

6. Style & Design

7. Associate Producer & Production Coordinator
Hardware Proficiency1. Camera - Motion Picture (Arri 35mm; Arri 16mm & s16; Eyemo Crash; Red One; Red Epic; Red Scarlett; Black Magic URSA)

2. Camera - Pro Photography (Toyo View, Sinar-Bron Large Format; Hasselblad, Mamiya, Bronica, Kiev-Arsat, Fuji Medium Format; Canon Digital 5D III, 5D II, 7D, 60D, 1D IV, T2 i, T3 i; Sony A7S, A7S II; Nikon Digital - D810, D810A, D800, D700, D750, D300, D90, D80, D70; Nikon 35mm - F6)

3. Camera - Pro Video(Panasonic HPX500, HPX250, HPX3700; Sony FS7, EX3, EX1; Canon XL H1s)

4. Camera - Prosumer Video (Panasonic HVX200, DVX 100 A & B, DVC 15; Canon XH A1s; HV40, HV30, HV20)

5. Camera - DSLR for Video (Canon 5D III, 5D II, 7D, 60D, 1D IV, T2 i, T3 i; Sony A7S, A7S II; Nikon D810, D810A)

6. Optics - Cinema (Zeiss Master Primes, Super Speed Primes, Compact Primes, Digi Primes; Cooke Panchro Primes; Angenieux Optimo Zooms; Hawk Anamorphic Lenses; Lomo Anamorphic Lenses; Rokinon Cine Primes)

7. Optics - Pro Video ENG (Fujinon B4 Lenses; Canon B4 Lenses; Sony B4 Lenses, EX Lenses)

8. Optics - Photo & DSLR Applications (Canon EF Mount Lenses; Nikon F-Mount Lenses; Zeiss for Canon, Nikon, Sony Alpha; Lensbaby Specialty Lenses; Canon & Nikon Tilt/Shift Perspective Control Lenses)

9. Monitoring - HD Video (Marshall; Ikan; SmallHD HD & 4K Monitors)

10. Lighting - Studio & Location (Full 2300K & 5600K Series Arri; Mole-Richardson; LTM; Altman; DeSisti; KinoFlo; Photoflex)

11. Grip - Studio & Location (Full Matthews; Avenger; Impact grip hardware and accessories)

12. Audio - Recording & Editing (Zoom H6; Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Rode Microphones)
Software ProficiencyApple OS X
Windows 10
AVID Composer
Final Cut 6, 7 & X
DVD Studio Pro
Soundtrack Pro
Adobe Premier
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Encoder
Adobe Acrobat PRO
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint

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221 Fulton Street - Westbury, New York City Metro Area - 11590 - United States

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