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11 townhall rd - Marietta, Ohio - 45750 - United States

ExperienceProgressively engaged in video production & editing for the past 9 years.
Experience in all aspects of video production & with entertainment production
environments. I am a seasoned videographer that has a passion to create
media usingn best practices & intiutive expierences as focus.

Business Owner/Producer: Final Shine Productions
Free Lance Video (6 years) for hospitals, corporations, small businesses & community events
EducationBusiness Management Technology Associates Degree
Specialized Coursework: Envirosafe Filtration Services (Marketing & Video Production)

Commercials Appreciation Video
Video Marketing Process Videos
Demonstration’s Highlight Videos

Social Media Matierial

Music Videos Live Concert Recordings (Audio & Video)
Website Interview’s


Informational Videos Typography Highlight
Directing Interview Videos
Testimonials Highlight Videos


Commercials Customer Review Interview’s
Social Media Bumpers Telivision Spots
Website Promotion Animated Media
Voice Over Promotion Process Videos
Hardware ProficiencyDSLR Camera’s, Micro 4/3 Lens, Sliders, Gimbals,
Tascam recorders, Lighting kits
Operator with camera’s such as Pasonic GH4 & Nikon D5100
Shoot with micro 4/3 Voigtlander Lens for optimal low light quality
Record all aspects of audio using tascam equipment for all projects
Built a computer with high performance, graphics card & CPU for 4k editing
Stablize footage with Ronin-M Gimbal
Dolly & Slider operator on site
Set up 3-4 point lighting kits for subjects in film
Run Tascam 1800 for multi-track recording for concert audio from soundboard
Software ProficiencyFinal Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Photoshop, Indesign, Apple Motion
Perform digital video editing workflow from beginning to finished production
Export using neccesary codecs for different projects in FCPX
Edit motion graphic’s & titles with video using key framing
Expierence in creating fast workflow’s in FCPX with organizing footage
Edit project files for snapchat, youtube, instagram, facebook & twitter formats
Mix & Master: Band’s, interviews, live concert audio
Edit flat video in FCPX using color grading
Create brochures, business proposals, photos & title graphics with PS & ID

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11 townhall rd - Marietta, Ohio - 45750 - United States

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