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187 Brunswick Rd - Brunswick, Victoria - 3056 - Australia

To be honest, a little intimidated by the post-production phase of my first feature doc...
ExperienceIndie, corporate & most things in between.
EducationMasters in Documentary Filmmaking, First Class - RMIT University, Melbourne
SpecialityFilming in the rain off the back of a horse, or inside the tube on a surfbaord...
Hardware ProficiencyI've got a pocket knife...
Software ProficiencyAdobe / FCP

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Submitted by on Jun 21, 2016
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187 Brunswick Rd - Brunswick, Victoria - 3056 - Australia

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Premier gamma shift issue
by Haik Kavookjian
Hey man,

I've been following along with your Premiere H.264 gamma shift issue.

Have you figured out a workaround for this? I've been struggling with the same thing for the past year and it is driving me crazy. I've tried overcorrecting by applying a gamma correction of "13", but it still isn't a great fix. Skin tones get completely washed out.

@Haik Kavookjian
by Sebastian Leitner
are you using an imac 5k? or an apple retina p3 display?
if so, this is for you:

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