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RobDahlVFX Visual Effects

RobDahlVFX Visual Effects

Visual Effects

11158 Sugar Island Drive - Schoolcraft, Michigan - 49087 - United States

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Experience15+ years visual graphic experience. Freelance artist with the customer in mind. See Website for more information about digital production.

Specializing in design, layout, creation, compositing, Vfx, and post production print and video.
Core print services are audio visual and print production graphic design, print publication development, e-Learning development and overall content beautification. These services are provided for a variety of public, private, and non-profit organizations. Recent clients include Carvel, Cinnabon, Schlotzsky’s, Focus Brands, All Credit Lending Solutions, Big Horn Restaurant, Theatre in the Valley, Pizza Hut, KFC, Boston Market, Zinga Poker, Zero Risk Poker, REC, Inc. (Renaissance Entertainment Corp.)

Vfx Artist - feature The Thompsons (2013)
Assistant Director - feature "Love and Fate"
Compositor - Web Feature Star Wars:VII The forgotten.
Visual Effects, Compositing, and motion graphics for training films and commercials
EducationBFA - Animation and VFX, Academy of Art University

Artistic Director and Founder - Dam & Stars Theater Company
Consultant: Pinnacle Performance Group.

Technical Director, Lakeside Theater
SpecialityCompositing and VFX.
Animation, Stop-motion animation and After Effects.
Graphics and Print Production.
Brand Management and Business analyst.
Hardware ProficiencyExperience:
20+ years of PC/MAC and mainframe.
Routers and render farm.
Linux/Unix support.
LCMS/CMS development.
Software ProficiencyAll Adobe products including After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.
Ultra and on-location experience.

Can use almost any MAC/PC software with little or no training.

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11158 Sugar Island Drive - Schoolcraft, Michigan - 49087 - United States

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