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Cambridge, Ontario - N1P 0A1 - Canada

ExperienceWe stand behind every deployment of our broadcast solutions with our one hour support policy, ensuring any support request is answered in under an hour and providing resolution issues affecting your graphics output in the shortest possible time frame.

Broadcast Solutions That Never Sleep
At Bannister Lake we understand the TV industry. We understand the importance of the prime time TV hours, the importance of realizing revenue through promotions, and above all the importance of completely reliable broadcast solutions during one-chance-only events like live sports or election broadcasts. It takes an experienced broadcast development team to understand the importance of software that will run 24/7 and our solution are engineered from the ground up with this reliability in mind.

EducationMasters in Mathematics and Computer Science
SpecialityTechnical Support During Broadcast Hours, Not Just Office Hours
Bannister Lake understands the broadcast day begins early in the morning, goes late into the evenings and the biggest sporting events are on the weekends. Contact our support address or submit a support ticket and get a response in under an hour. We are so committed to supporting our clients that in a recent survey our commitment to timely technical support was the #1 reason our clients said they continue bringing their business to Bannister Lake.

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Cambridge, Ontario - N1P 0A1 - Canada

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