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Studio 930 Movie Production

Studio 930 Movie Production

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Denton, Tennessee - United States

Studio 930 is a dream-driven brigade of artists, designers, innovators, programmers, writers and specialists dedicated to expanding the frontiers of the impressive, the inspiring and the elegant.

Oiled and well-knit, our team interacts seamlessly to transmit the opening guidelines and original inspiration to the next phase of development to ensure the magic still sparkles all the way down the line.

Whatever vibe your work requires--the feminine, the masculine, the mercenary, or the entirely other--Studio 930 can tap it to ensure the spirit of your project is present from start to finish.

ExperienceDavid Jetre

Writer | Director | Production Designer

Studio 930 Intermedia is a full service Film Design and Internet Design studio I founded in 2000. I offer, both individually and as a studio, competitive film production services and strategic IT solutions that are both efficient and affordable.

In addition to the brigade of designers and programmers at Studio 930, I personally offer the following core competencies:

* Screenwriter
* Director
* Producer
* Production Designer
* Website Design & Development
* Fight Choreography

Feel free to visit my website to determine whether or not I am a good fit for your next film project.

I will bring a praise-worthy level of design and beauty to any production. I like to travel so I am open to any work, anywhere, so long as it is professional and competent.

Further, I am comfortable taking the lead from anything from simple Art Director all the way up to Producing or Director; however, I am equally able to plug quietly and seamlessly into other systems.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I find it a privilege to advance not only my own career but the careers of others as well.
Software ProficiencyDESIGN TITLES

Adobe Illustrator CS4
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe After Effects CS4
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Adobe InDesign CS4
Adobe Bridge CS4
Adobe Soundbooth CS4
Adobe Acrobat 9
Adobe Fireworks CS4
Adobe Flash CS4

Microsoft Office

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Denton, Tennessee - United States

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