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TrailerKitz Worldwide Trailer Making

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Chaoyang District - Capital City, Beijing - China

Be it a Teaser, or Trailer.

All you have in hand is only the raw footage covering the supporting scenes from a few days shoot and the production is still due to run for another month or so.

The film funders and producer wanted to see something to decide if they should wire the second payment to you.

The film market is around the corner. The sales agent wants to kick off with the marketing plans.

The film festival organizers are calling you for a competition submission.

“Seeing is believing”.

They all need to show something to those internal industry audiences.


Contact me, and I will furnish you with a complete creative solution that sells.

Be it 24fps, 25fps, 29.97fps or etc, I will put the shots, music and sound effects together based on your need, applying the universal film language, building the tone and manner close to your film style and story…

The simple rule and solution applies to all kind of film and video works across from Feature film, TeleMovie, TV Series, TV Programs, Documentary, Short film to Individual Professional showreel, etc. You name it.

All formats of motion picture, for both traditional and contemporary AudioVisual platforms, that serve a marketing purpose are within my service territory.

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Demoreel/ Showreel is available upon request.

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Chaoyang District - Capital City, Beijing - China

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