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ExperienceProducer with 20 years of extensive technical, creative and operational experience. Develops strong conceptual vision and programmatic delivery through understanding of business, viewer interests, and industry/specialty area best practices, and aligns stakeholders and teams to execute on insights. Collaborates exceptionally well with business partners to create and support a shared vision of excellence. Well versed in traditional, new and emerging media trends. As a recognized innovator in show design and production, builds concepts, elements, and frameworks that facilitate achievement of goals for the network, the team, and the over-arching creative vision. Known for seamlessly bridging technical and production requirements to promote highly successful outcomes.


FOX - Los Angeles, CA / Charlotte, NC 2002 to 2016
Producer (Promotion ??" July 2011 to December 2016)
Senior Associate Producer (Promotion ??" August 2007 to August 2011)
Associate Producer (Promotion ??" August 2005 to August 2007)
Production Assistant
Chosen by senior management to lead production of all Formula One content in the United States, including day-to-day operational direction of the programming (live events, studio shows, specials) and staff (40+ people from the production crew to the operations department to the studio technical team and beyond). In addition, entrusted to lead weekly news and information programming, as well as being a key contributor to the networks coverage of multiple Major League Baseball World Series broadcasts, and NCAA championships. Experienced in editing as well as field, feature and line production. Developed and managed project schedules, budgets and resources, while consistently and effectively resolving arising issues to meet the constantly evolving needs and requirements of the network. Grew career with organization to expand influence and accountability to broader aspects of television programming and built capabilities, relationships, and structures that enabled me to consistently achieve successful outcomes.

Key Achievements
?-? Transformed a network with a strong viewer base into a best-in-class media outlet that was sought out for purchase for the first time in 17 prior available years, resulting in acquisition by another network that continued programming designed and enhanced through my thought leadership and direction.
?-? Designed show elements that were recognized by leadership as exemplary, resulting in an accelerated rate of promotion and unprecedented consolidation of responsibilities into a single producer role.
?-? Leveraged social media and other real-time feedback mechanisms to continually improve the coverage experience for viewers for flagship series on the network.
?-? Generated advertising revenue for the network through production of sales presentations and strong partnerships with vendors and clients to ensure needs were met throughout the production lifecycle.
?-? Navigated interdependent and dynamic requirements (schedules, assignments, production needs) across live and taped programming to ensure all production deadlines were achieved and seamlessly integrated across shows, advertisements, and network elements.
?-? Built creative concepts spanning multiple show types to facilitate alignment with overall thematic vision for the network, resulting in greater continuity across programming and deeper vesting from viewers across a variety of shows.
?-? Contributed to and sustained a highly engaging work environment such that being part of the team was recognized as very desirable and sought after by key contributors at the network.
?-? Established strong relationships with contacts across both the sport and organization within the US and globally to drive initiatives and align efforts into a cohesive end product for the viewer.

ABC/ESPN, Charlotte, NC 1996 to 2000
Freelance Production Assistant (Professional Position ??" September 1997)
Production Intern
Performed a variety of roles (from teleprompter to stage manager to associate director) in support of programming for several channels across the ESPN/ABC family of networks. Demonstrated adaptability and broad capacity to deliver high quality outcomes across multiple platforms, as well as multiple managers based on programmatic needs. Successfully traversed both technical and production sides to support achievement of critical business needs.
Key Achievements
?-? Based on success in role, was only intern in my cohort to successfully transition into a professional position and continued that level of accomplishment to increase scope of responsibilities for the subsequent years of employment.
?-? Compiled, edited, and quality-controlled commercial reels in alignment with contractually obligated advertising commitments that were distributed nationally for on-air production.
?-? Served as the primary production assistant on several high-profile events that showcased special interest programming with the intent to broaden viewer interest beyond traditional sporting events.
?-? Selected key and noteworthy clips and statistical highlights for weekend update shows, which served as the foundation for significant on-air dialogue and content.
EducationB.A., Florida Atlantic University, Arts & Humanities
Software ProficiencyProficient in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Digital Media Asset Management, Avid iNews, ENPS, Viz Content Pilot and Microsoft Office, as well as both Apple and PC hardware

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2201 S. Beverly Glen Blvd, Apt 103 - Los Angeles, California - 90064 - United States

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