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Film Editing


North Hollywood, California - 91604 - United States


Underground Science ??" Discovery (Editor)
Deadly Descent ??" Discovery (Producer/Editor)
The Emeril Green Show ??" Discovery
Worlds Dumbest ??" True TV (Editor)
Big Daddy’s Kitchen ??" Food Network
Paula’s Best Dishes ??" Food Network
90 Days Fiance ??" TLC (Producer/Director)
The Farm ??" PBS (Producer/Director)
Family Flippers ??" HGTV (Producer/Director)
Real Food ??" PBS (Producer/Director)
Joy of Kosher ??" PBS (Producer/Director)
MTV News ??" MTV (Editor)
Ball Boys ??" ABC (Editor)
The Hemingway Chronicles (Producer/Director)
The Family Flippers HGTV(Producer/Director) Cajun Pawn Stars ??" History (Editor)
Say Yes to the Dress ??" TLC (Editor)
History’s Mysteries ??" History (Producer)
Sports Century - ESPN (Producer)
Journeys in Black ??" BET (Producer)
Operation Osmin ??" Nuvo-TV (Producer)
Life Hacks for Kids - Dreamworks TV (Editor)
The A List ??" Logo (Editor)
Good Morning America - ABC (Editor)
Nightline ??" ABC (Editor/Graphics)
20/20 ??" ABC (Editor/Graphics)
Martha Stewart ??"PBS (Editor)
Mustang Millionaire ??" National Geographic Wild (Editor)
Girl Code ??" MTV (Editor)
City Life CMT (Producer/Director)

Simply Beads - Direct Response spot
USA track and field - “Feel It” Campaign
Citizen Watch - “Unstoppable” Campaign
Ozfest Concert spot (Producer/Director)
Forbes - Simply the best (Producer)
Mt Airy Casino(Producer/Director)
Liebherr Refridgerator(Producer/Director) Con Ed - The New Con Ed (Editor)
John Mellencamp Tour Spot (Producer/Director)
Kiss Tour Spot (Editor)
Britney Spears Tour Spot
Sesame Street (Producer)
Ektio Shoes(Producer/Director)
Real Food (Producer/Director)


Disney’s First Kid (Editor)
The Great Debaters ( VH1)
Sweeny Todd (Editor)
Chuckand Larry (Editor)
1408 (Editor)
Hogon Knows Best
Diners Drive ins and Dives
Beat Bobby Flay (Editor)
The Cooking Channel
HBO (Editor)
MTV (Editor)
Nickelodeon (Producer)
CBS (Editor)
ABC (Editor)
NBC (Editor)
The Food Network (Editor)
Disney (Editor)


Moving Mountains (Editor)
It Came From Below (Producer/Editor)
Old Black Joe (Editor)
Crazy Train (Producer)
Stray Dogs (Producer)
My New Life (Producer/Director)
Year of the Donkey (Producer/Director)
Devil in the Woods (Producer/Director)
The Legend of Flukey (Editor)
Resurrection Mary(Producer/Director)

Ghost 2 Ghost (Producer/Director)
The Label (Producer/Director)
Main E Acs(Producer/Director)
Beaten by the Fist of God (Producer/Director)
Fantasy Fest (5 part series) (Producer/Director) Careers without College (Producer/Director)
Forms of Government (Producer/Director)
The Judicial Branch of Government (Producer/Director)


VEVO Certified Series (Editor)
Martha Stewart Weddings - I Do series (Producer/Director)
EKTIO Shoe Commercial - multiple spots(Producer/Director) - web cast (Producer/Director)
AOL Sessions ??" AOL Productions
Food Network - Mulitple projects (Editor)
Life Hacks for Kids (Editor) Guns N Roses - pre concert web videos (Editor)
Epix HD ??" live web cast multiple episodes
The Dears Live - concert web cast (Producer/Director)
Live Out Loud - Dentyne Gum concert web cast (Producer/Director)
Martha Stewart (Editor)
Treasure Map to Super Foods
Ultimate Comfort Foods (Editor)


Draft FCB
Live Nation Castrol Oil

Experience2015 - PRESENT Editor (Los Angeles, CA)
• Edits digital/new media, microcontent, promos, trailers, EPKs and other promotional materials as well as create graphics.
• Edits feature length movies, network and cable TV shows.
• Works closely and collaborates with directors, producers and other team members as well as work unsupervised at a high level.
• Meets deadlines and delivers projects at the highest quality and within budget to partners and stakeholders satisfaction.
• Clients and projects include but not limited to:
Disney Family, Lifetime, NBC, DreamWorks TV, Game of Thrones,
Live Nation, The Food Network, Hasbro, Young Hollywood, Participant Media. See attached for additional selected credits.
2002 - 2015 Editor (New York, NY)
• Edited network and cable TV shows, movies, news, commercials, promos & trailers.
• Clients and projects include but not limited to:
ABC ??" Good Morning America, Ball Boys, Nightline, 20/20, Discovery ??" Deadly Descent, Underground Science, The Food Network ??" Paula Deen, Big Daddy’s Kitchen, Nat Geo ??" Mustang Millionaire, Martha Stewart, CBS, NBC, HBO, PBS, MTV ??" Girl Code, Nickelodeon, NFL Network ??" Super Bowl Pregame, VEVO, HGTV, CMT, TLC ??" Say Yes to the Dress, 90 Day Fiancé, True TV ??" World’s Dumbest, ESPN, BET, Logo, VH1. See attached for additional selected credits.
o Extensive knowledge and experience with Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Avid Symphony, Avid Interplay, Final Cut Pro, Black Magic Resolve, After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite and Smoke.
o Key feel and passion for storytelling and character development and utilizes his extensive experience to create the most compelling projects.
o In-depth knowledge of creative edit workflows and abilty to understand complex creative direction.
o Able to remain poised, productive and organized while working under pressure.
o Solid understanding of multi-cam, sound design, coloring techniques from rough cut to finishing.
o Knowledge and experience with various file formats (Red, DSLR, HDCAM, 4K), codecs, media management and file delivery.

Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah, GA) Bachelor of Fine Arts - Major: Video
Software ProficiencyAvid Media Composer
Avid Symphony
Final Cut Pro
Black Magic Resolve
Smoke Premiere Pro
After Effects

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North Hollywood, California - 91604 - United States

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