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1707 Southview Dr. - Petaluma, California - 94954 - United States

Available for on-set plate supervision and shot production.

Demo Reel:
Tony Hudson 2009 Demo Reel
This is work I created by myself and as part of a team over the last 20 years for Industrial Light and Magic, Walt Disney Feature Animation, various game companies and my own company Fxvet.

Software used- Softimage, ILM proprietary, Maya, Shake, After Effects, Particle Illusion, Photo... more

ExperienceI have been involved in the entertainment industry for over twenty-five years working in film,
television, theater, theme parks, virtual worlds, and video games.

I started my career as a puppeteer and puppet maker at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta,

In 1985 I headed to Industrial Light and Magic in Marin County, California where I spent the next 17
years working in various roles as puppeteer and mold maker in the “Creature Shop”, a project
supervisor and modeler in the Model Shop, and then transitioning in the 1990’s to a Digital Modeler
and Supervisor for the Computer Graphics Department.

In 2002 I joined Walt Disney Feature Animation, working at the Florida and Burbank Studios as CG
Supervisor and as a Story Visualization Artist.

From 2006 until 2009 I worked as a Principal 3D Artist, 3D Concept Artist, and Pre-visualization
Artist and Editor at Stormfront Studios and Virtual Space Entertainment in Marin County.

Since mid-2008 I have been working as an independent Visual Effects Supervisor specializing in low
cost/high quality visual effects for films, music videos and web projects. In that time I have
delivered over 500 visual effects shots.
Speciality• Traditional and CG painter and sculptor with years of experience in storyboarding; layout,
lighting and composition; character and environment concept design; and character,
blendshape, and hard surface modeling
• Qualified compositor with experience in greenscreen extraction, plate cleanup, rotoscope,
morphing, matte painting, motion graphics and shot production
• 3d and 2D matchmove
• Pre-visualization artist
• Character and dynamics animator
• Character and FX rigger
• Knowledgeable of the entire range of live action and animation film processes.
Software Proficiency• Analytical problem solving
• Communicating and cooperating with software engineers to develop and to help achieve the
necessary production goals
• Asset, production pipeline, and automated rigging solutions management and specification
• Expert level knowledge of Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows operating systems
• Maya, Lightwave, After Effects, Shake, Photoshop
• Photography, lighting, shading and rendering within Maya using Mental Ray
• Scene management

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1707 Southview Dr. - Petaluma, California - 94954 - United States

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