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ExperienceSynonyms and Antonyms of experience
knowledge gained by actually doing or living through something
the hospital is looking for nurses with operating-room experience
Synonyms of experience
chops, expertise, know-how, moxie, proficiency, savvy, skills
Words Related to experience
command, mastery
acquaintance, conversance, familiarity, intimacy
Near Antonyms of experience
ignorance, unawareness, unfamiliarity
Antonyms of experience

an exciting or noteworthy event that one experiences firsthand
related in a book his experiences as a roving correspondent for network TV news
Synonyms of experience
emprise, adventure, exploit, gest (or geste), happening, time
Words Related to experience
escapade, lark, ploy
act, action, deed, doing, feat
episode, occasion
baptism, ordeal, test, trial, tribulation
enterprise, risk, venture
expedition, exploration, mission, performance, quest, stunt
Near Antonyms of experience
bore, bummer, bust, downer, drag
EducationIn books and films about failing schools attended by poor students of color, a suspiciously upbeat plotline has become all too familiar. A novice teacher (usually white) parachutes in, overcomes her students’ distrust and apathy, and sets them on the path to college and worldly success. Such narratives are every kind of awful. They make the heroic teacher the center of attention, relegating the students to secondary roles. They pretend that good intentions and determination have the magical power to transform young people’s lives, even in the most adverse circumstances. And they treat schools as isolated sites of injustice, never connecting educational disadvantage to other forms of inequality.

Michelle Kuo is a writer who resists the mythmaking impulse, with its clichés and wishful thinking. In her penetrating, haunting memoir, Reading With Patrick: A Teacher, a Student, and a Life-Changing Friendship, she confronts all of the difficult questions that the teacher-as-savior genre claims to have answered, and especially this one: What difference can a teacher actually make?

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Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam - Vietnam

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