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Spain - Valencia, 46008 - Spain

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ExperienceIs instructor Premiere and After Effects (ACI) since 2005, And Apple certified trainer since 2009, Born between cables and grew gutting removable hard drives of 40 mb that Eran the size of a round table. Small accompanying his father to repair computers and green phosphor screen 256 kb of RAM occupied an entire room.

His passion for image led him to pursue an undergraduate degree in photography and imaging and hang the camera the very next day to finish, To pursue his passion, Postproduction. Came into the world of training by chance in 2000, The hand of the SGAE and since then, Has not stopped teaching classes, RTVV, Eitb, Upv, Baleuko, A3TV, Uji.

Is professor of post-production and FUNGLODE EICTV and currently divides his time between training and facet freelance operator editing and postproduction, His other great love. Postproduction ran the "enigma of the boy croquette" of Pablo Llorens, Which won the Goya 2005 for Best Short Animation. Its greatest virtue, Loves training. His greatest shortcoming, Married Adobe After Effects 13 years ago and are a couple very good avenue, Neither has so far been unfaithful.
EducationApple Certified Trainer Final Cut
Adobe certified instructor After Effects CS4
Adobe certified instructor Premiere Pro
AVID instructor
SpecialityConsulting and training in digital video and postproduction
Operator After Effects freelance
Hardware ProficiencyConsultant to equipment configuration editing and post oreintados.
Software ProficiencyMaster

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Spain - Valencia, 46008 - Spain

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