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Rio de Janeiro 59, 6º19 - Almagro, CAPITAL FEDERAL - 1405 - Argentina

My professional goal is to familiarize myself in depth with both colour grading and editing tools, to always deliver the best quality in the projects in which I'm involved. This knowledge allows my creativeness to take part in the assembly and treatment of the narrative structure and language of whichever audiovisual project I'm working on, as well as contributing in the aesthetic treatment of colour, which assists the communication of the story.

ExperienceUnderground Producciones S.A / Jul 2018 ??" Present Employment
Online editor in the TV serie "El Marginal II" (8 episodes)
Online editor in the TV serie "Un Gallo para Esculapio" (6 episodes)

Wancamp S.R.L.
Colorist and online editor in a wide range of projects for television, film and advertising.
Primary tools: Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer.

- Anomalía (feature film), directed by Sergio Vargas. Colorist. (in production)
- Barcode (TV Pilot), produced by Storylab. Colorist / Video editor.
- Ahora Sé (music video), performed by Sol Makena. Colorist.
- La Marca Original (10 episodes), network: Tv Pública. Colorist / offline Editor.
- Heidi, Bienvenida al Show (60 episodes), network: Nickelodeon. Colorist.
- Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa (60 episodes), network: Nickelodeon. Colorist.
- Alerta Aeropuerto Brasil (5 episodes), network: National Geographic. Colorist.
- Alerta Aeropuerto Madrid (8 episodes), network: National Geographic. Colorist.
- Alerta Aeropuerto Perú (8 episodes), network: National Geographic. Colorist.
- Dr. FAGA (26 episodes), produced by Mulata Films. Colorist.
- El Rincón del Ángel (short film), directed by Diego Briano. Colorist.
- Fronteras Peligrosas (23 episodes), network: A&E. Colorist.
- Liebig (documentary film), directed by Christian Ercolano. Colorist.
- Conversos (web series 6 episodes), directed Arturo Marinho. Colorist.
- El Cantaro (short film), directed by José Luis Rosas. Colorist.
- La Iglesia Oculta (8 episodes), network: History Channel. Colorist.
- FormoSkate (documentary film), directed by Camila Moyano. Colorist.
- Galicia (short film), directed by Ricardo Yebra. Colorist.
- Nieve Negra (trailer), produced by Pampa Films. Colorist.
- Dakar (special episode), network: FOX. Directed by Abel Mateu. Colorist.
- Herencia Custom Garage (8 episodes), network. Discovery Channel. Colorist.

SVC - EDA / Jul 2014 ??" Jun 2018
Avid Media Composer trainer for several companies, including:
- EDA, Asociación Argentina de editores de Audiovisuales. (Actualmente 7mo Curso)
- Tigo Sports. Paraguay.
- Artear Network.
- Channel 10 Tucumán.

Colorist, Editor / Dec 2010 ??" Jun 2018
Freelance editor and colorist in a wide variety of projects including documentaries, short films, tv series and web series.
Main tools used: Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer with Symphony, Adobe Premiere, Baselight for Avid.

- Colorist in more than 20 theatre plays, for the on-demand platform.
- Julia OFF (web series), directed by Erwin Luchtenberg. Online editor, colorist.
- Google Rental Spot (web advertising), directed by Tomas Abramzon. Colorist.
- Bomberos (music video), directed by Guillermo Greco. Colorist.
- Avalanche Bob (short film) for The New School, New York. Colorist.
- El Hombro de Leo (short film), directed by Carlos Ledesma. Colorist.
- Soltera (short film), directed by Diego Leanza. Colorist.
- Spot RCA (advertising), produced by Hello Massive. Colorist.
- Educadores de Latinoamérica (8 episodes), produced by UNIPE and OEI. Online Editor, Colorist.
- Ukrania (feature film), directed by Sebastián Heynig. Colorist.
- Mariposas Negras (documentary film), directed by Lorena Riposati. Colorist.
- Jose Bochín Flores (short film). Editor, colorist.
- Amadoras (4 episodes), directed by Arturo Marinho. Colorist.
- Koan (feature film), directed by Osvaldo Ponce and Karina Kracoff. Colorist.
- Imaginaris Indomptables (documentay film), directed by Victoria Maréchal y Alejandra Ospina. Online editor, colorist.
- Interviews for site (50 web episodes), produced by Alternativa Teatral. Editor, colorista.
- Los Degolladores (documentary film), directed by Arturo Marinho. Colorist.
- Valhalla Hidromiel (web advertising). Editor, colorist.
- Dimmer (short film), directed by Nelson Urdaneta. Colorist.
- Había una vez (short film video dance), directed by Osvaldo Ponce. Colorist.
- Memorias de un sombrero (documentary short film), directed by Rafael Valles. Colorist.

Rei Cine / Mar 2018 ??" Mar 2018
Avid effects editor and provisional color grading, of the feature film "Acusada", directed by Gonzalo Tobal.

Cinecolor Digital / Dec 2017 ??" Mar 2018
Colorist in the TV Show "Todos Somos UNO", directed by Pablo Santangelo.

Pampa Films
Assistant editor in the feature film "JOEL", directed by Carlos Sorín.

Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (EICTV) - CUBA
Trainer in Avid Media Composer Advanced Course, for the second year students of the editors career.

Pampa Films / Sep 2016 ??" Oct 2016
Assistant editor in the feature film "Nieve Negra", directed by Martín Hodara.

CFP SICA / Aug 2016 ??" Oct 2016
Trainer in the "Assistant editor" course for the SICA Professional Training Center.

Pampa Films / Feb 2016 ??" Jul 2016
Editor and colorist in the feature film "Pequeños Héroes", 3D stereoscopic animation, produced by Orinoco (Venezuela) and Pampa Films, directed by Juan Pablo Buscarini.
Worked in Avid Media Composer and Blackmagic Davinci Resolve.

1024 Cine S.R.L / Aug 2015 ??" Nov 2015
-Editor and Colorist in "ESTOCOLMO" (13 episodes), TV Series for BACUA produced by Storylab and Kapow.
- Colorist in "Herencia", special episode of the series "Herencia", for Discovery Channel.

Conexión Educativa / Feb 2010 ??" Aug 2015
Editor of a great diversity of educational programs that are broadcasted wide along the country.
Color correction of educational programs and tv documentaries.
Director of a variety of educational and cultural programs.

Main tools used:
Avid Media Composer, Grassvalley Edius Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.
Assimilate Scratch, Avid Symphony

- Acceso Total (6 episodes), music tv show. Editor, colorist.
- Fila 7 (6 episodes), tv show about films. Editor, colorist.
- Perito Moreno, La Patagonia al limite (2 episodes), tv documentary. Editor, colorist.
- Anacrogames TV (8 episodes), tv show about video games. Director, editor, colorist.
- Millenials (4 episodes), educational tv show about teenagers problems. Editor.
- Oficios (4 episodes), a cultural tv show about craft jobs. Editor, colorist.
- Pioneros, tv documentary about the first doctor in the south of Argentina. Director, editor, colorist.
- Arte X3 (6 episodes), a cultural tv show about contemporary artists in Argentina. Editor.
- Prácticos (special), tv documentary about a special job in Patagonia, Argentina. Editor.
- Conexión Cortometrajes (6 episodes), interviews with different short films directors. Editor.
- Informática para Adultos (4 episodes), a distant course for elders about computers. Director, editor.

Escuela Argentina de Fotografía (EAF) / Apr 2012 ??" Dec 2014
Teacher of the subject "New Supports" together with María José D'Amico.
An approach to audiovisual language for future photographers, mainly to experimental cinema.

GAP Cine&Video / Jan 2009 ??" Jan 2011
- Camera assistant and grip in short films, medium-length films, institutional videos and video art.
- Assistant editor of "Nosotras que todavía estamos vivas", documentary film, directed by Daniele Cini.
- Assistant editor of "Cale", documentary film, directed by Martin Wolf.
- Editor and Colorist in "Ensayo No. 5 y 6". Experimental short films. directed by Osvaldo Ponce.

Taller Imagen / Jan 2009 ??" Sep 2009
Maintenance of equipment used by students of the school, such as cameras, lights, tripods, editing room, sound and video consoles.
EducationPunto Cine
HDR (2018)
Colour spaces and ACES Grade (2018)
Specialization course in color spaces and ACES color management.

Blackmagic Design (Brasil) (2017)
Blackmagic Davinci Resolve Certified Trainer Scored 98/100

Seminar Field Of StudyDramatic structure in films Grade (2017)
"The dramatic structure, from the script to the editing", seminar dictated by Alberto Ponce (SAE) and Diego Sabanés.

Punto Cine (2014)
Training of the colorist Grade
First and second course "Training of the colorist", dictated by Eduardo Sierra, Laura Viviani and Eduardo Walger.

Gotika-U (2013)
Colour correction Grade
Color Correction workshop for Film and Television, dictated by Gabriel Campańo

Taller Imagen (2006 - 2009)
Filmmaking and media direction/production for video and TV projects. Diploma (three years)

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Regional Delta (UTN) (1999-2004)
Completed until the third year of the career Information Systems Engineering.

E.N.E.T. Nº2 (1993 ??" 1998)
Technician in electronics with orientation in communications.
Speciality- Specialized in technical corrections and color treatment in television programs, video clips, commercials and feature films, both documentary and fiction.
- Experience in editing a wide variety of content including short films, documentaries, tv shows, branded content and educational content.
- High proficiency in Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer with Symphony, Assimilate Scratch, Baselight, Adobe Premiere.
- Excellent at delivering high quality content quickly and efficiently.
- Good communication and technical skills in designing and optimizing workflows.
- Great capacity in Avid troubleshooting and workarounds.

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