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119 Baldwin Street - Toronto, On - M5T 1L7 - Canada

?-? Exhibitor at various animation, comic conventions and festivals ( Comiccon, TAAFI, PucesPop,
?-? Life drawing and Art teacher
?-? Frequent Game Jam participant
?-? Exhibitor as a part of Pictoplasma exhibit “Character Compendium” at the Museum de Arte Marco,
Mexico and galleries across Europe.
ExperienceCompositor Legend 3D VR VFX 2017
Recent productions include: Thor: Ragnarok, Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time & The Meg
?-? Responsible for creating high quality digital composites for feature films
?-? Clean plating, match moving, color grading
?-? Seamlessly integrate various elements of live action shots
?-? Keen creative eye and an understanding of colorspace principles
3D Artist Orion’s Belt, Seneca Gaming final project 2017
?-? Sculpting, modeling and texturing assets and terrain
?-? Researching methods for maximizing optimization and quality efficacy
?-? Integrating assets into Unreal Engine 4 and creating atmosphere and mood using particle effects.
?-? Work closely with the art director in order to stay faithful to the vision for the project
?-? Develop a color scheme to carry the mood of the film throughout the scenes
?-? Balance tones, hues and saturation in order to clearly communicate the subject matter of each scene
Color Script Artist Duhkha film, Seneca 2D stream final film 2016
?-? Develop a color scheme to carry the mood of the film throughout the scenes
?-? Balance tones, hues and saturation in order to clearly communicate the subject matter of each scene
?-? Paint concept art of every scene of the film to test how each set of images convey the desired
?-? Find solutions to visual problems in regards to special effects such as smoke, skin discoloration, fluids
and seamless transitions for backgrounds
?-? Work closely with the director and storyboard artist in order to stay faithful to the original vision for the
Background Artist More Time , Short film entry for the 24 hour competition 2015
?-? Compose illustrations based off of the storyboard panels provided
?-? Adhere to style defined by art director
?-? Paint backgrounds in photoshop
?-? Work in a high-intensity environment and adapt to short deadlines
Concept Artist Japanese mobile game - Unreleased 2015
?-? Work in close relation with the game developers to determine the limitations of the artwork and code
?-? Adhere to strict output formats and measurements
?-? Design interactive and fun 2D layouts in isometric perspective with multiple layers of backgrounds,
interactive props and parallax effects
?-? Paint the backgrounds in a style that matched the provided character designs
Illustrator Ivy and Vago, Children’s book 2015
?-? Illustrate the script using the provided designs for the two main characters
?-? Depict the characters in various poses and situations while keeping them on model and in character
?-? Design locations and props
?-? Follow guidelines in regards to age-appropriate content
Graphic Designer Merlicom, Advertising Agency, Montreal, Qc. 2009
?-? Working closely with the Art Director
?-? Finding branding solutions for clients
?-? Developing marketing tools, websites and publications
?-? Working within a team of creatives to provide the best designs and concepts to meet client needs
Comic Artist Versus Skatezine, Switzerland based Skateboarding Magazine 2006-Present
?-? Coming up with fresh and relevant storylines on a quarterly basis
?-? Designing new characters and locations
?-? Keeping the style consistent and timeless
?-? Illustrating sequential images
?-? Inking and lettering
Education• Concept Art & Design Brainstorm School, Burbank, California 2018
Environment Design with Nick Gindraux & Entertainment Design with Joon Ahn
• Animation; specialization in Game Art Seneca College, Toronto, On 2014-2017
Ontario College Advanced Diploma
• Realist Academy Foundations Atelier de Bresols, Montreal, Qc 2013
Oil painting, Charcoal drawing and Anatomy
• Animation Art Studio Technique, Montreal, Qc 2012-2014
Animation & Character Design with Samantha Youssef
• Illustration, Graphic Design College Salette, Montreal, Qc 2007-2009
Attestation d’études Collégiales
SpecialityStrong digital painting skills in Photoshop, photobashing and kitbashing
Firm understanding of perspective, space, form and appeal
Ability to work in an iterative approach to design as to construct on previous ideas
Proficient 3D modeling and texturing skills
Anatomical, mechanical and architectural knowledge
Traditional 2D design and drafting skills
Software ProficiencyAdobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Flash
3DS Max / Maya
Substance Painter
Substance Designer
Unreal Engine

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119 Baldwin Street - Toronto, On - M5T 1L7 - Canada

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