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Plaza Lluís Casassas nº7 4ºD - Sabadell, Cataluña - 08208 - Spain

I'm trying to enter the vfx industry coming from several years doing motion for video-mapping. I've coursed different studies of VFX and now I look forward to get an opportunity to start as a junior compositor.

I've worked several years in small animation companies where i had to develop a bunch of several skills in order to be able to solve different situations such as shooting, meetings, modelling, texturing, motion graphics, video mapping, etc.
The positive thing of being in small teams is that you finally end up being a generalist because of the need to do several tasks.

Now I'm trying to focus on vfx compositing and launch my career on this specific department.

Link to my pdf resume:
Animator and motion grapher
septiembre de 2014 - Present
Sabadell y alrededores, España

Animator and motion grapher
septiembre de 2016 - junio de 2017

Animator and motion grapher
diciembre de 2015 - junio de 2016
Motion grapher for video mapping projects with clients such as Coca Cola,
Michelin, Adidas or Hotusa.
EducationSeeway - Escuela de Diseño, Animación, Comunicación Digital y
Master of 3D Animation and VFX, Cinematografía y producción de cine y
vídeo · (2017 - 2018)

FX Animation 3D School
Nuke X Compositing Title, Cinematografía y producción de cine y
vídeo · (2014 - 2014)

Universitat Ramon Llull
Design degree, Diseño multimedia · (2010 - 2014)
Software ProficiencyAdobe Photoshop: High level.
Adobe Illustrator: Intermediate level.
Adobe After Effects: High level.
Adobe Premiere: Intermediate level.
Adobe Indesign: Intermediate level.
Nuke: High level.
Cinema 4d: Intermediate level.
Autodesk Maya: Intermediate level.
Autodesk Studio 3d max: Basic level.
Final Cut Pro 7: Intermediate level.
Microsoft Office Pack: High level.
Cubase: Basic level.
Xcode: Basic level.
Openframeworks: Basic level.
Processing: Basic level.
Zbrush: Intermediate level.
Madmapper: Basic level.
Modul8: Intermediate level.
Millumin: Intermediate level.
Redshift: Intermediate level.
Substance painter: Intermediate level.
Keyshot: Basic level.
Photoscan: Intermediate level.
Arnold: Intermediate level.

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Submitted by on Nov 6, 2018
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Plaza Lluís Casassas nº7 4ºD - Sabadell, Cataluña - 08208 - Spain

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