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7111 STA MON BLVD STE B186 - WEST HOLLYWOOD, California - 9004 - United States

I'm a Motion Graphic/VFX/Compositing enthusiast who is always excited to try out new technologies in computer graphics. Experienced in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator. Studied Maya for 1 year. Currently studying Houdini and Nuke.
ExperienceFunusual Co., Ltd. (Part-time/Offsite) -Tokyo, Japan
2D/3DCG Generalist, Mar. 2018 ??" Present
Part-time designer in a video ad company. Experimenting various 2DCG techniques in After Effects and creating show reels for the company's sales tool.

Cyberbull -Tokyo, Japan
2DCG Generalist, Apr. 2017 ??" Jun. 2017
Created video ads for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube in an extremely fast paced environment with a lead time of less than a week ??" published around 5 to 10 videos per day.

Kino. Inc. -Tokyo, Japan
2DCG Generalist, Jan. 2016 ??" Mar. 2017
Worked as a Compositing/Motion Graphics/VFX designer for concert visuals, TV program visuals, Pachinko visuals etc.

MTV Networks Japan (Internship) -Tokyo, Japan
Internship at Promotion department, Jun. 2012 ??" Dec. 2012
Supported the promotion team in daily operations and office managements.
Created videos and showreels for internal meetings and events using After Effects and Final Cut Pro.
EducationEducation (including seminars)

Gnomon Oct. 2018 ??" Mar. 2019 (expected)
Extension Student: Art of Compositing (Nuke), Advanced Compositing, Houdini 1, Houdini 3

Digital Hollywood Tokyo Oct. 2017 ??" Sep. 2018
School of Computer Graphics / VFX
Acquiring foundational knowledge of Maya and Houdini

Vantan Design Institute Sep. 2014 ??" Mar. 2015
6-month course focusing on directing, storyboarding, shooting and editing a short film.

Waseda University Apr. 2009 ??" Mar. 2013
Bachelor’s degree in International Liberal Studies
Major in Media Studies and Marketing

University of California, Riverside Oct. 2010 ??" Sep. 2011
1-year exchange student
Took classes related to Media Studies and Marketing

UCR Extension: Digital Art and Design Summer Program Jul. 2011 ??" Aug. 2011
4-week intensive design course using Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver
Earned a Certificate in Digital Arts and Design
Speciality-A strong understanding of Adobe After Effects including 3rd party plug-ins
-3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation and Rendering (Maya, Arnold)
-Compositing with multi-layer EXR in After Effects and Nuke
-Color Grading in After Effects and Nuke
-Green Screen Keying in After Effects and Nuke
-3D Tracking and Match moving in After Effects
-Completing a shot independently as well as a part of a team
-Meeting strict deadlines under a fast-paced environment
Hardware ProficiencyMac
Windows PC
Software Proficiency-After Effects
Trapcode: Particular, Form, Starglow, Shine, Tao, 3D Stroke
Video Copilot: Element 3D, Optical flares
Red Giant: Primatte Keyer, Colorista, Cosmo
Mocha AE
-Premiere Pro
-Final Cut Pro
-Nuke (Entry level)
-Houdini (Entry level)
-Microsoft: Word, Power Point, Excel
-Resolume Arena, Grand VJ (VJ software)
-Mandelbulb3d (3D Fractal Art software)

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7111 STA MON BLVD STE B186 - WEST HOLLYWOOD, California - 9004 - United States

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