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Karachi, Sindh - Pakistan

Working as a pipeline engineer since July 2012, I have gained deep understanding of TV series, TVC and VFX pipelines. I maintain a close relationship and regular communication with department heads and senior artists to know about their processes, workflows and software requirements. I convert their requirements into easy to use Python tools to make life easier for artists of Maya and Nuke, keeping them away from manual tasks, allowing them to focus entirely on creativity and increasing their productivity and efficiency.
ExperiencePipeline Engineer - ICE Animations (Pvt.) Ltd. (July 2012 ??" Present)

When I joined the company back in 2012, there was not a single Python script, everything was manual, from saving assets to rendering final images. My responsibility was to create an asset management system and workflow automation tools for Maya and Nuke. I started my work in the following way:

• Arranged and attended regular meetings with department heads and senior artists to learn about their workflows and processes
• Worked closely with department heads and studied online to learn different stages of pipeline
• Deployed and configured TACTIC as asset management system
• Developed GUI based tools for production management department using Python, PyQt and TACTIC API to upload and populate project data, such as creating asset lists, populating lists of sequences and shots on TACTIC with couple of clicks.
• Developed GUI based tools for Maya to store and retrieve all type of assets for modeling, rigging look development, layout, animation, scene assembly, lighting and rendering departments
• Developed Python tools for workflow automation for aforementioned departments
• Developed tools for workflow automation for Nuke artists in compositing department
• Developed quick scripts for time consuming bespoke tasks to increase the productivity of artists
• Also actively worked on backend of Attendance management system to learn Django
Education• Bachelor of Computer Software Engg. ??" Foundation University Islamabad (2008-2012)
Majors: Software Engineering, Object-oriented Programming, Data Structures, Databases
Software Proficiency• I have hands-on experience with the following:
o Python
o PyQt
o Maya
o Nuke
o Deadline
o Django
o Git
• I have good knowledge or understanding of the following (can work with these if asked):
o Mel
o C++
o Linux

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Karachi, Sindh - Pakistan

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