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3D Character Animation

155 Potomac Passage, Unit 435 - OXON HILL, Maryland - 20745 - United States

I’m currently on a journey to transition from the business world to the entertainment industry. My journey began with a lucky opportunity to tour Disney Animation Studios. I’ve always considered myself artistic but never considered being an artist professionally until that moment. Witnessing the process and inner workings of the movies I’ve loved watching all my life was my epiphany moment. Since then, I’ve never wanted anything more than to be a part of creating beautiful content. I’ve spent the last few years studying animation and feel I’d be a great asset.
ExperienceTIC Summer Camp JUNE 2018 TO AUGUST 2018
3D Animation Counselor
 Teach children from 3rd to 10th grade the basics of Maya including modeling, texturing, rig manipulation, keyframing, and rendering
 Provide assistance to campers in creating their own unique 3D projects in Maya
 Assist with the everyday operation of the camp

RJT Construction, LLC MAY 2007 TO PRESENT
 Manage all bills, finances, and bookkeeping for all accounts
 Manage all sub‐contractor and employee payrolls
 File all necessary reports to IRS
EducationFullsail University MARCH 2014 TO OCTOBER 2016
Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation
Course Director Awards in Portfolio Animation I & II

CG Spectrum - Rent-A-Mentor with Mark Pullyblank
 Create portfolio piece with specific style
 Conceptualize scene, shoot reference, determine style, pose, block out and detail animation
 Sync audio and create believable lip sync
 Execute adjustments and changes based on feedback and critiques
 Apply compelling framing and create appropriate lighting for final render

Animation Portfolio Classes I, II, and III
 Apply animation principles to create believable movement
 Block out key poses and in betweens in organized manner to accommodate quick timing adjustments
 Utilize Graph Editor to verify/adjust curve progressions and manipulate specific attributes
 Create multiple Maya Encrypted Language (MEL) key buttons to ease organization
 Manipulate keyframes in timeline, graph editor and dope sheet
 Accurately implement critiques into animation

Rigging, Compositing and Scene Finishing
 Construct skeleton joint system to animate a character
 Create and integrate control curves to manipulate rig
 Weight mesh to joint system for accurate skin deformation
 Use Nuke to composite multiple elements into one scene
 Rotoscope footage in Nuke to insert or remove objects in scenes
 Create camera in Syntheyes to sync Maya camera with physical camera shots
SpecialityI specialized in character animation in school and excelled in both individual and group projects.
Hardware ProficiencyProficient with Apple Mac products as well as WIndows systems.
Software ProficiencyProficient with Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Excel, Word.

Have experience working in Zbrush, NukeX, and Syntheyes

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155 Potomac Passage, Unit 435 - OXON HILL, Maryland - 20745 - United States

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