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TitleWright is the Hollywood-based place to go for feature film titles that delivers superb quality at a great price! Complete film titling as low as $5000 to $7000. Have your feature film titled by Steve Wright, a senior visual effects artist with over 20 years of both visual effects and titling production experience. Your titles will be composited over color-timed log film scans that are Digital Intermediate and D-Cinema ready at 2k or 4k resolution. And if you need title design services we can help there too!

Contact Steve or Diane for a quote today @!

ExperienceSome of the movies we've titled:
- Stay
- Traffic
- The Woods
- The Black Dahlia
- Big Momma's House 2
- Path To War
- Josie & The Pussycats
- Harsh Times
- L'Inchiesta
- The Pagemaster
- L.A. Riot Spectacular
- Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins
- Ray
- Hart's War
- First Snow
- Open Range
- Duma
- Dorme
- She Hate Me
- The Velvet Abstract
- Fields of Freedom
- The Son of Pink Panther
- We Fight To Be Free
- A Beautiful Life
and many more!

To view samples visit our web site at
EducationTitling is not spelled with an "e"...

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3858 Lirio Lane - Glendale, California - 91214 - United States

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