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Master Trainer, Steve Wright, delivers visual effects compositing, Nuke, Mocha and Shake training for aspiring artists in the VFX industry around the world. With curricula developed by this senior visual effects artist with over 20 years of production experience and excellent teaching skills, these programs are designed to be very accessible and cost effective for you. Steve not only teaches individuals in classroom settings and online, but he also travels to VFX facilities around the world to train the staff in compositing techniques from his popular book on the subject, Digital Compositing for Film and Video as well as to improve the facility's 2D/3D production pipeline.
ExperienceSteve's twenty years of production experience plus his deep technical understanding of the art and science of Digital Compositing combine with his excellent verbal and written communication skills to make him an outstanding visual effects facility training instructor. He has conducted training for Kodak's Cinesite digital effects facility in Hollywood for 8 years, the PixelCorps in San Francisco, Rainmaker in Vancouver B.C., Kodak's film engineering department in Rochester, New York, CMG in Macedonia, Prague's UPP in the Czech Republic, Tata and Crest Animation in India, Ubisoft's Montreal facility and New Deal Studios in Los Angeles, Disney Feature Animation and DisneyToons in Los Angeles as well as Pixar.

Steve's visual effects training draws on production experience from over 60 feature films and 70 broadcast commercials and he prepares a customized training program targeted to the needs of each facility. While his extensive production experience has given him a deep understanding of the entire production pipeline from creative inception to the final deliverable formats of film and video, his specialty is the techniques for compositing with log images (Cineon and DPX) for feature films. This includes how to pull keys on greenscreens and bluescreens as well as how to composite linear matte paintings and cgi elements with log image data. Some of his client training workshops can be viewed at
EducationAuthor of two best selling books on compositing for visual effects available on from Focal Press:

- Digital Compositing for Film and Video
- Compositing Visual Effects: Essentials for the Aspiring Artist

- World-wide visual effects trainer with 20+ years of exerience
- Author of Nuke, Shake and Mocha Essentials Training videos on
- Author of Nuke Compositing and Mocha Rotoscoping workshops on
SpecialityTraining in the following:

- Nuke
- Shake
- Mocha
- Visual effects compositing techniques
- Green/Bluescreen keying techniques
- Multi-pass CGI compositing
- 3D compositing
- Working with Log Images
- Color Theory Demystified

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3858 Lirio Lane - Glendale, California - 91214 - United States

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