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Seattle, Washington - 98101 - United States

- Ability to effectively articulate and communicate ideas.
- Understands design principles and aesthetics.
- Solves problems efficiently and creatively.
- Ability to work remotely for editing projects.
- Brings passion and enthusiasm to all aspects of every assignment.
- Constantly learning new skills and technologies.

I am also an extremely easy personality to get along with. Many people have said they love my personality and work ethic. I do stand up comedy on the side and I love meeting new people and making them laugh, and I bring this sensibility to every work relationship I establish. I can't wait to get started creating something amazing with you!
ExperienceRecent Projects:

Microsoft Brand Forum Sizzle Reel
Director, Editor, Motion Graphics Artist

Microsoft Global Corporate Learning Summit Recap Video
Director, Editor

Yapta Travel Company Promotional Spot
Director, Editor, Motion Graphics Artist

Facebook Seattle Recruitment Video

Microsoft Chief Gaming Officer Recap Video
Director, Editor, Motion Graphics Artist
EducationBachelor of Fine Art/Digital Filmmaking and Video Production
Art Institute of Seattle

I have directed and edited videos for Fortune 10 companies, videos that have helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for educational purposes, and videos that have received hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and social media.
SpecialityAlthough I work frequently as a director and motion graphics artist, as well as an animator and photo retoucher, my greatest skill is editing. I am especially adept at editing fun, fast-paced videos set to vibrant music. I can be given any amount of footage in any condition, and transform it into an exciting visual experience for viewers.
Hardware ProficiencyPC
Software ProficiencyAdobe Premiere Pro
After Effects
Cinema 4D
Bodypaint 3D

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Submitted by on Apr 27, 2019
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Seattle, Washington - 98101 - United States

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