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3D Animation

#49, AET Junction - Bangalore, Karnataka - 560035 - India

ExperienceWork Experience (9 years)

Working as Animation Supervisor in Ayam Studios Pvt ltd, Bangalore- India.
(From May -2017)

As Animation Supervisor I Understand the animation pipeline and the processes involved from the conceptual phase to implementation also work with Art Directors, producers, and Project Managers regarding the status of current tasks; obtains Art Directors’ guidance and approval as required to advance tasks, project initiatives and milestones
Develops integrated project plans, implementation schedules, and assigns and tracks art assets also prepares and plans for the content submission packages to be sent to clients, and ensures all content is present, organized, quality-checked and ready to be submitted to client review in-time.
I participate in defining tools and art production pipeline; understands advantages and limitations of technology, and develops strategies for maximizing performance especially in regards to Client.

Worked as Senior/ principle Animator in DQ Entertainment Pvt Ltd
(From sept -2016 to Mar-2017)
As Senior Animator I create keyframe animation from storyboards, 2D animatics and referential documents while aiming for the highest standards of quality & ensure consistency from one shot to another.
I was following the style and artistic vision established by the animation director and demonstrates analytical thinking to make the modifications asked by the animation direction. I Respected deadlines and production quotas established by the coordinator and associate producer and participated actively in team meetings and launching of future animated sequences. Sometime I was supervising and guiding team member(s), also able to make great teamwork with other artist.

Worked as Senior Animator/ Artist in Technicolor India Pvt Ltd , Bangalore- India
(From Feb -2011 to Sept -2016)
During this period I was responsible for below mention points-
Ensuring animation meets production deadlines
Ensuring animation meets quality standards and knowing and following all pipeline and
studio policies and procedures. Work within assigned hours and deadlines.
Keep up to date with internal tools, software and techniques.
Share knowledge and techniques with other team members.

Worked as animator in Keyframes animation studio, Kochi- India
(Aug-2010 to Jan-2011)
Worked as an animator in PACAD animation studios, Bhubaneswar- India
(Oct-2009 to July-2010)

Worked as a Trainee animator at Ittina Animation Studios, Bangalore.
(Mar-2009 to Aug-2009)
Education3D Animation Specialization (12 months- MAYA)
From- Takshaa Academy for the Artist, Bangalore/Karnataka, India

Diploma in Digital Visual Media ??" Animator Pro (18 Months)
Institute of Multimedia Arts & graphic Effects (IMAGE), Bhubaneswar/Odisha, India

Bachelor in Arts (Degree)
Utkal University, Bhubaneswar/India
Software ProficiencyGraphics - Adobe Photoshop
2D Animation - Flash.
Video Editing , Compositing - Premiere Pro, Aftereffect
3D Animation - Maya, 3D Max.

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#49, AET Junction - Bangalore, Karnataka - 560035 - India

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