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Budardalur, Dalabyggd - 371 - Iceland

ExperienceI've worked as an editor since 2003, on documentaries, feature films, advertisements and promotional videos. I most recently edited web based ads for AirBnB that were shot here in Iceland.

I've also been working as a DIT here in Iceland for the past 5 years.

EducationJust basic elementary education till the age of 19, shortly after that I started working for my brother in the documentary business.
SpecialityI mostly work with FCPX for editing, though highly proficient on Davinci Resolve, Pomfort Silverstack and Apple computers in general.
Hardware ProficiencyI have an iMac Pro (2017) with 1TB ssd, 16GB graphic card, 64gb RAM, as well as a Thunderbolt 3 connected 20TB 8-bay RAID that gives me plenty of read/write speeds (1.000mbps / 850mbps).
Software ProficiencyFinal Cut Pro X, Adobe After effects, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premier Pro, Pomfort Silverstack.

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Submitted by on May 29, 2019
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Budardalur, Dalabyggd - 371 - Iceland

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