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Shana Koenig Visual Development

Visual Development

Pacific palisades, California - 90272 - United States

Los Angeles, CA

Primary Responsibilities
• Freelance work ranging from feature films, to VR, commercial, logos, and product design.
• Creating complete solutions for the entire job, or just the portion she oversees.
• Primary emphasis on dramatic or photoreal lighting, compositing and texturing.
• Working with clients to come up with creative visual solutions, from rough concepting different options to the final animation or still render.
Projects Reels and breakdowns: Edited Reel:
CG Supervisor
Prana Studios
2004 - 2010
Mumbai, India and Los Angeles, CA

Primary Responsibilities
• Created overall production pipelines that helped the studio to grow from 50 - 800 artists.
• Specialized in research and development of production pipelines for texturing, lighting, fur, rendering and compositing.
• Provided training and mentoring to lighting, compositing and texturing artists
• Created very detailed lighting and compositing pipeline tutorials for the studio.
• Worked with team leads and production to recommend the best tools and strategies.
• Worked directly with the modeling, texturing, lighting, and composting leads to accurately translate the client’s concept art into production assets for all environments, characters, props and effects.
• Directly worked with lighting, compositing and effects leads to achieve the final look for all shots.
• Bid all assets and shot complexity.
• Found the best solutions for large scale issues, such as crowds, very complex texturing and lighting effects.
• Simplified, analyzed, deconstructed and scheduled sequences and shots into manageable tasks.
• Reviewed all sequences prior to layout to note additional assets needed and communicated this with the client.
• Assessed the work of prospective candidates for the hiring process.
Project Reels and Break Down:
CG Supervisor/Texture & Lighting Lead
Tigar Hare Studios
1999 - 2004
Los Angeles, CA

Primary Responsibilities
• Advanced from a texture/lighting/compositing artist to the CG supervisor.
• Worked directly on projects while managing and mentoring other artists.
• Shader development, lighting, and effect looks and pipelines.
• Communicated and reviewed all outsourced work and provided visual notes and training to ensure the highest quality work.
• Collaborated with production management to design the look of many projects.
• Worked on many looks from very stylized and cartoony to photoreal CG elements composited into live action footage.
• Designed and created production light rigs, lighting and compositing work flows, tools and organized rendering pipelines.
• Participated in daily shot and asset reviews and critiques for artists.
• Animated and Designed 3D motion graphics for station ID packages, logos, and movie titles.
Projects Reels: Edited Reel:
EducationUniversity of California at Santa Barbara, 1994 - 1998
Art Studio, Magna Cum Laude

Gnomon, Concept Design Academy, 2011-2012
Speciality• Photoreal and Dramatic CG Lighting
• Compositing and Compositing pipeline development
• Look and Effects Development
• Texturing and Shader Development
• Creative Problem Solving
• Project Management
• Pipeline Research and Development
• Team Training
• Texture and Matte Painting
• VR Projects
• Stereo Projects
• Motion Graphics
Hardware ProficiencyLinux
Software ProficiencyMaya Arnold Nuke Mari Photoshop
3Ds Max VRay Fusion Substance Painter
Z-Brush Renderman After Effects Substance Designer
Vue Metal Ray
Unity Redshift

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Pacific palisades, California - 90272 - United States

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