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3D Character Animation

188 Keefer Pl, 2607 - Vancouver, BC - V6B0B9 - Canada

I love dogs! Also would love an opportunity to work here even though the style is more realistic, I'm always willing to learn. Thanks for your time.
Experience3D Animation , VFS, Vancouver, BC. 2017-2018
Project: “ Animation Reel”
• Utilized different animation methods: pose to pose, straight ahead, layering.
• Worked with a variety of different rigs on exercises to polish animation skills.
• Collaborated with other groups and peers, provided character designs and animations.

3D Generalist , RCAD, Sarasota, FL. 2013-2016
Project: “Clean Cut”
• “Clean Cut” is an original 3 minute short film created alongside a thesis partner, working through the full pipeline; from
storyboarding and visual development to modeling, rigging, texturing, animating, lighting and rendering.
• Completed upper-level course assignments to showcase character emotion, acting, weight and lipsync.

2D Animation , RCAD, Sarasota, FL. 2013-2014
• Worked on exercises such as ball bounce, flour sack, pantomime and a dance collaboration with the class.
EducationRingling College of Art & Design
Computer Animation B.F.A.
(2012-2016) Sarasota, FL

Vancouver Film School
3D Animation Diploma
(2017-2018) Vancouver, BC

BC Institute of Technology
Adv. Business Management Diploma
(2018-2019) Vancouver, BC
Speciality3D Character Animation
Software ProficiencyComputer Software :
• Autodesk Maya
• Pixar Renderman
• Redshift
• Arnold
• Adobe Premiere
• Adobe Photoshop

Working Knowledge:
• Substance Painter
• Zbrush
• Nuke
• Shotgun Software

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188 Keefer Pl, 2607 - Vancouver, BC - V6B0B9 - Canada

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