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I have been an active and committed part of the media production for over ten years. My roles have mainly included editing and post producing.

In all my former job positions I have worked on multiple projects simultaneously that ranged from heavy visual effects (3D and 2D) commercials to weekly P&G campaigns, juggling the many client needs, managing the stresses that come hand-in-hand with this line of work, and successfully delivering high quality projects. I am well known for my dependability, dedication and work ethic. I love what I do, and I bring that passion with me into the workplace.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss further about the job. My attached resume will give you much more details about my past work experience and education and how my skills and qualifications will be beneficial to your company's success.

I thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter and hope to hear from you soon.

ExperienceFreelance Postproduction Producer
Truffle Films - Lebanon Jan 2019 ??" Jun 2019
• Managed various projects simultaneously while ensuring quality and timeliness of projects' completion
• Organized schedules for all offline and online work as well as audio recordings for all advertisements
• Coordinated scheduling and task delegation for all post team members
• Collaborated with other post team members to ensure alignment between artistic vision and client requirements

Postproduction Producer
Serena Middle East - United Arab Emirates Feb 2016 ??" Sep 2018
• Quoted on jobs ranging from $10K up to $200K
• Sent budgets to Agency Producers, managing projects and team workflow
• Negotiated contracts with outside vendors/suppliers
• Commercials worked on ranged from heavy visual effects / motion graphics commercials to weekly P&G campaigns
• Organized schedules for all offline and online work as well as audio recordings
• Resolved conflicts and negotiated agreements with agencies and clients in order to reach win-win solutions
• Ensured client satisfaction through being an attentive and thorough producer

Freelance Story and Online Editor
Imagic - Lebanon Mar 2015 ??" Dec 2015
• Reviewed footage and edited videos of 2 reality TV shows
• Assembled the whole episode on Avid, added transitions, graphics and color corrected it
• Analyzed final video content for quality control and final editorial corrections before recording it on tape and delivering it on time

Freelance Director, Editor and Post Producer
Wonderful Productions - Lebanon Dec 2014 ??" Jan 2015
• Planned and executed three short documentaries on a very low budget.
• Researched potential stories and ideas, planned shot orders, scouted out locations, collaborated with a production team of 4 people to organize efficient schedules, directed, post produced and edited.

Freelance Story Editor and Post Producer
Wonderful Productions and Clouds - Lebanon May 2014 ??" Dec 2014
• Edited and Post Produced several mini TV shows, advertisements and a 20-minute documentary
• Quoted on jobs ranging from $10K up to $50K
• Collected data from camera media, transcoded video and audio files, transformed footage and assets to create compelling, effective videos and content
• Contributed to idea development when editing
• Managed projects to ensure quality and timeliness of project completion
• Performed all aspects of post-production, including sound design, sequence selection and compression and communicating with client to ensure quality control and on time delivery

Story Producer and Editor
Imagic - Lebanon Nov 2013 ??" May 2014
• Story Producer And Video Editor on a reality TV show for 2 seasons
• On set Story Producer to interview contestants and create compelling stories on the spot
• Edit full episodes of the reality TV show as well as combining the whole episode including color correction on Avid, adding graphics and ensuring quality of both story and timelines for final delivery

Producer, Scriptwriter, Director and Editor
Masters Documentary ??" Lebanon and England May 2013 ??" Jan 2014
• Created a 10-minute Wildlife documentary as final year project for my Masters Degree about Sea Turtles in Lebanon
• Researched and wrote script, identified optimal film locations and planned shot orders, filmed and directed, as well as edited the whole film with only a team of 2 people

Intern Postproduction Producer Department
BBC Sports - England May 2013 ??" Sep 2013
• Participated in many sports edits (Football focus, Cycling, F1, News), assisting post producers and aiding in live sports news setups

Video Editor
Wonderful Productions - Lebanon May 2010 ??" Jun 2012
• Responsible for transferring rushes, de-rushing, editing offline advertisements and video clips and presenting to clients, reassembling online edits, and exporting to tape for TV stations and hard drives for back-up

Junior Video Editor
Signature Productions - Lebanon Apr 2009 ??" Apr 2010
• Responsible for transferring and de-rushing footage for advertisements and exporting to tapes

EducationMaster of Arts: Wildlife Documentary Production
University of Salford ??" England Sep 2012 ??" Jan 2014
• Core courses: Animal Behavior, Animal Research, Production, Directing, Film, Editing, Sound Recording, Sound Design
• One final year project: Producing, writing, directing, filming, and editing a 10 min wildlife documentary

Bachelor of Arts: Communication Arts (Radio, TV and Film)
Lebanese American University - Lebanon Sep 2005 ??" Jan 2009
• Core courses: Art of Film, Script Writing, Film, TV production, Theater production
• Three final year projects: Writing, directing, and editing a documentary and a short film, as well as directing a play
• Graduated with high distinction (GPA 3.84/4)

North East and South Asia Exchange Program (NESA): Film studies
Reedley College ??" United States of America Aug 2007 ??" Dec 2007
• Full scholarship, one semester, certificate granted by Georgetown University
• Core courses: Editing, Film, Illustrator
• One final year project: Writing, directing, filming and editing a 10-minute documentary

SpecialityPost production and editing
Hardware ProficiencyPC and Mac
Software Proficiency• Final Cut Pro - Expert
• Avid Media Composer - Advanced
• Premiere ??" Advanced
• Photoshop - Basic
• Microsoft Office and G-Suite

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