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Manchester, England - United Kingdom

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Stonegate app:

Chilla Tray:

Sky sports:

ExperienceGlasgows, Creative Designer (Fulltime)
8th October 2018 ??" Current

My Role at Glasgows is to be involved in the creative process from start to finish whether it’s
editing videos, creating videos, 3D modelling and animation, set design, sound design, graphic
design and many more. Glasgows Started in the events arena and over time it has developed it
arm into a multimedia company creating content for events, social media, products and
promotional material. Since I joined last year I have been involved with so many different
projects set designs for a 2 different Nuclear events (for NIA), an animated campaign for the
home office. 3D animation for JSARC showing different levels of security and many more
projects. I enjoy a challenge and have even been given

Creation 360 Ltd, 3D Animator (Fulltime)
25 td June 2018 ??" 27th September

Creating promotional videos for in-house products such as plastic cups, charging tables and
water cooling display tray. They have many different products and invention and it's my job to
come up with creative visual to sale the products and create a buzz via social media and to
various clients. My responsibilities start with storyboarding, 3D modelling, texturing,
animation, lighting and rendering, which leads to add special effects and final inputting sound.
This was a big step for me as I lead every project and as a team of one so there was no room
for error and I felt like I handle the responsibilities well and enjoyed the processes.

CPL Online, 3D Animator (Fulltime)
22nd June 2014 ??" 20th April 2018

Cpl's main focus and spine is creating training videos for companies and my contribution is to
build from storyboard to post productions, training videos which are engaging and fun. We
sometimes get other projects, advertising new products and concept for high profile companies
like Coca cola and Carlsberg. As a 3D generalist I am responsible for modelling objects and
environments, animating, as well as creating textures and lighting for the final renders, once
rendered I add effects, sounds and edit the content to fit the narrative.

My life software, Junior games designer (Fulltime)
11th June 2012 ??" April 2014,

This has been a huge responsibility as a developer and designer. I have been creating new
concepts for their current DRTS (Digital Reminiscence therapy Software) and revamping the UI
to be more appealing to new customers. While knowing the system so well I took technical
calls if clients are having troubles, also setting units up to go out to customers.


BBC Watchdog and Rip of Britain, Motion Graphics
5 th October 2018 - 8 th November 2018

Liaising with Tom Kent to create a simplified map of the uk.
Liaising with Lizz Martin to create a design feature explaining fuel prices in different areas of
Britain, so it was map based again picking out the most expensive and the cheapest prices in

Digital pop up, 3D Modeller
4 th March 2019- 12thJune 2019
Creating simple 3D models, UV and texturing using PBR for a new AR platform.

Angus Rocks, 3D visualiser
13 th September 2011- 14 th October 2011

This project required me to create a 3D model of a sea fan, suitable for 3D printing.

Chaos Created, 3D Modeller ??" Windows Phones
18 th ??" 29 th March 2011

With only a two week deadline my task was to create a number of graphics, for their
applications ‘Timedancer Ep. 2’.
Education2006-2009 The University of Bolton, Deane Road, Bolton, UK
Games Design BSc (Hons)
Result: Second 2-2

2004-2006 Salford College, Worsley, Manchester, UK
BTEC National Diploma - Multimedia
Result: Merit, Merit, Distinction

2003-2004 Salford College, Worsley, Manchester, UK
INtermediate ??" Art and design
Result: Pass, Pass, Merit
Speciality3D modelling
3D animation
Motion graphics
Video editing
everything 3D
Hardware ProficiencyPC
Software Proficiencyo High & low Poly Modelling
o Rigging (Biped)
o Animation & Texturing o Skinning
o keyframe animation o Motion Cleanup
o 2d/3d tracking o Technical Problem Solver
Software Experience
o 3Ds Max & Cinema4D o After effects
o Photoshop o FCP
o Audition o mental ray & Iray

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Manchester, England - United Kingdom

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