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Joes mansion, Film nagar, Hyderabad, India - Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500033 - India

Dear Hiring Manager,

As a self-employed, reliable, and highly experienced Freelancer with expertise in Localization, Closed-captioning, Quality assurance, I am certain you will find my skills and talents to be of value. With this in mind, I invite you to consider the enclosed resume detailing my experience and credentials as you look to fill Creative Cow needs.

ExperienceSenior Closed Caption/Subtitle Editor
Infoesearch --- 03/2016 ??" 05/2017
Hyderabad, India
Responsible for creation of English closed captions, SDH, English templates, Transcripts and
dialogue list scripts.
Responsible for quality assurance of closed captions, EDL, SDH, scripting and template files.
Responsible for a variety of production tasks that require applied language skills, such as
spotting, timing, translation, proof, reworking repurposed material, corrections, foreign
dialogue verification.
Responsible for a variety of production tasks that require technical skills, using proprietary and
commercial software, including script cleaning, rendering of subtitle images, video ingest.

07/2017 ??" 01/2019
Localization, Music Reviewer
Czech Republic
Localization of Google NLU Virtual Personal Assistant Product.
Creating spoken queries in target languages given a scenario description, arguments, and
annotated English queries.
Create/Annotate/Write Telugu and Hindi lyrics on a regular basis for selected content.
Ensuring text complies with guidelines provided and is appropriate for the native market.
Analyzing music copy and ensure music-related information listed is accurate by researching
culturally relevant sources.

01/2019 ??" Present
QC Operator
Theatrical QC of Digital Cinema Packages (DCP).
Identifying issues that would be disruptive to the streaming experience.
Taking the approach of simulating the customer experience and maintain consideration for
licensed content (varying styles).
Focusing on: Issues that would prevent consumption (e.g. the incorrect content being delivered)
and issues that noticeably reduce the quality of the title (translation issues, typos, video
EducationBA Joint Honors in Film and Literature
Osmania University--02/2013 ??" 02/2016
Film and Literature
SpecialityVijay has extensive experience in theatrical QC of Digital Cinema Packages(DCP) and a basic understanding of the technical aspects of various content specifications. He provides language services like subtitling, scripting, access services, text and metadata localization. His technical services master and prepare this content in all distribution products including digital cinema, digital media and physical media.
To date, he serviced thousands of titles for Netflix, Itunes, Google play, Youtube, Amazon, Movies. Anywhere or others.

• Understands the various media formats such as image artwork, video, audio, and timed text (subtitles and closed captions)
• Understands the industry format standards such as PAL, NTSC, timecode (25, 29.976, 23.98), SD, HD, UHD
• Possesses knowledge of industry standard media formats related to home entertainment (i.e. Prores, J2K, dfxp, itt, wav, mxf, scc, xml, etc)

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Joes mansion, Film nagar, Hyderabad, India - Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500033 - India

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