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1401 Grandin Avenue - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 15216 - United States

Professional Skills Summary

?-? Have designed, modeled, textured, and rigged characters from my own concepts as well as others.
?-? Extensive knowledge of hard surface modeling as well as architectural modeling
?-? Created MEL scripts to facilitate the animation of complex characters.
?-? Many characters have been featured in national commercials and video games
?-? Software Used: Maya, 3DS Max, SketchUp
Shading and Lighting
?-? Extensive experience with the creation of detailed shader networks in Maya.
?-? Experience with UV coordinate layout on high-resolution models.
?-? Have extensive experience creating texture maps
?-? Created Lighting to match live-action plates.
?-? Software Used: Substance Painter, Mudbox, Mari, Photoshop,V-ray, Arnold, Lumion
Compositing and Effects
?-? Extensive experience compositing multipass 3D renders
?-? Experience integrating live-action with 3D renderings
?-? Software Used: Nuke, Fusion as well as After Effects
?-? Extensive experience working with producers, directors, and designers
?-? Professional experience dealing with proposals, concepts, bids, and presentations
?-? Experience managing multiple projects and people simultaneously
?-? Software Used: InDesign, Microsoft Office, GSuite

?-? Extensive experience with character as well as mechanical/industrial animation
?-? Experience with fluid dynamics
?-? Experience with facial and lip-synch animation
?-? Knowledge working with motion-capture data
?-? Experience with advanced rigging and skinning techniques
?-? Software Used: Maya, 3DS Max, Phoenix FD

Relevant skills
?-? Experience with video editing
?-? Experience with traditional as well as digital photography.
?-? Experience with print layout and design
?-? Extensive experience with computer hardware and operating systems used in the creation of digital
imagery. Windows, Mac OS, and Unix.
?-? Have designed and built a render farm.
?-? Current knowledge of industry trends as well as technology advancements
?-? Software Used: Adobe Creative Suite
ExperienceDLA+ Architecture & Interior Design
Architecture design firm with 50 employees; National and International Clients
Visualization Specialist (08/18 - current)
Oversee all aspects of 3D design for presentation purposes
?-? Work with Architects and Designers to create, iterate and visualize 3D digital models of
Architectural and Interior environments.
?-? Create photo-realistic and accurate renderings and animations of interiors and exteriors that
convey the design intent to clients.
?-? Employ real-time 3D visualization presentations
?-? Prepare marketing and promotional materials for projects

Work on a wide range of 3D projects from an array of clients
3D Generalist (2006 - current)
Select Achievements:
?-? Worked with Disney/Pixar to light, shade and render the interstitial cut scenes for the 3D
Stereoscopic ride “Toy Story Mania”
?-? Created Over 12 minutes of Effects for the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve
(via Argentine Productions) at a resolution of 5760 x 1080
?-? Designed and created 8 fully animated national commercials
Precise, Inc.
Litigation support for law firms and corporate legal teams
3D Graphics and Animation (12/08 - 02/10)
Oversee all aspects of 3D graphics and animations
?-? Responsible for creating complex and detailed animations for use in litigation
?-? Communicate with experts and clients to provide accurate presentations.

Ryno Production
Commercial production and advertising
3D Effects Coordinator, Creative Director (03/99 - 02/07)
Oversee all aspects of 3D graphics and animations
?-? Responsible for all 3D, modeling, lighting, rendering and composite work.
?-? Create a positive attitude to thrive in a collaborative environment with interdisciplinary
client/project teams (video, web, multimedia, print)
EducationArt Institute of Pittsburgh

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1401 Grandin Avenue - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 15216 - United States

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