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Auckland, Auckland - New Zealand

Driven Senior Visual effects artist with a wide array of skills across all aspects of Visual
effects. More than eight years of experience in the VFX industry and over twenty years of
experience in post-production and live television. Motivated and fast multitasker, with great
time management and prioritisation skills. Calm and positive under pressure who enjoys and
takes pride in his work.
Experience2011- Present:
Senior VFX Artist
?-? 3D Tracking for “The Singapore Grip”. Tracking and creating mock 3D models for artists to
place new buildings and ships.
?-? 3D Tracking for “The Alienist” Tracking dockyards and City streets for set extensions
?-? 3D Tracking for “Angel has Fallen” Tracking inside buildings and rooftops for set extensions
?-? Compositor/3D Artist for “Custards World”. Compositing, 3D simulations and creating
2D/3D effects.
?-? Compositor/3D Artist for “Ash Vs Evil Dead” Seasons 1 and 2. Compositing and creating
2D/3D effects including particle systems and fire simulations.
?-? Compositor/3D Artist for “Evil Dead” movie, skeletal and internal face replacement. Creating
photorealistic elements and compositing into shots.
?-? Compositor/3D Artist for “Spartacus ??"War of the Damned”, Created Amphitheatre crowd
shots, replaced green screen backgrounds, and 3D tracking
?-? Compositor/3D Artist for “Power Rangers” Season Eighteen to present. Creating and
compositing fighting effects and elements, 3D tracking, wire and rig removal and
?-? Compositor for “How to meet girls from a distance” Compositing, creating elements, rig
removal and set extensions.
?-? Compositor for “Queenie” an NZ stop motion short film screened in the SXSW
?-? Compositor for “Henry” a stop motion short film.
?-? Compositor for “Witches” by Beast Wars
?-? Compositor for “Almighty Johnsons” Season two. Compositing fire, smoke, rain and many
other elements into shots.
?-? Compositor for “Australian Symphony Orchestra” TVC and two “StarBoy” music videos,
Green screen keying and Rotoscoping
Education1999 - Diploma of Multimedia
Speciality?-? Skilled VFX artist
?-? Experienced Nuke compositor
?-? Works well under pressure
?-? Loves using Tyflow Particles
?-? Strong FumeFX user
?-? Fast learner of new software
?-? Great eye for detail
?-? Enjoys training others
Software ProficiencyNukeX.
3DMax, FumeFX, Pflow, Tyflow
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Submitted by on Jul 8, 2020
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Auckland, Auckland - New Zealand

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