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Aleksandar Uzarevic Music & sound design

Music & sound design

Novi Sad, Vojvodina - Serbia

I am offering a full sound design, sound engineering and sound editing services for audio-visual media projects, which includes: dialogue mixing and editing; SFX mixing and editing; music mixing and editing; whole creative sound design and mixing, as well as basic commercial music and jingle composition, etc. I am also offering a rock/heavy metal based music production and mixing as well as the other music genres.

Some examples of my work:
Major Serbian TV and youtube show:

Kids show for Serbian National TV:

Music jingle for car wash company composed by me with all the instruments programmed (bass guitar and drums) except guitar which is actual performance by me:

Section of a song from my newest project with all instruments programmed and performed by me:

And last, but not least, mix and master of a epic style modern song with vocals:

ExperienceI have 6 years experience in sound design and music production which includes vast variety of student audio-visual projects as well as major commercial projects that includes: major TV/youtube shows (in Serbia), sound design for national theater's play, music, music jingle as well as backing track production and composition.

I'm currently working as sound engineer and designer on Radio-Television of Vojvodina (which is Serbian national television) with experience on many TV shows that includes: boom operating, sound engineering for live shows and live concerts, recording live shows/concerts as well as sound post-production and design.
EducationBachelor's degree in dramatic and audio-visual arts (sound recording and design) from Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. - With Master degree on the way.
Speciality-proficient sound design experience with creative implementation of sound effects, ambience and other elements of sounds into audio-visual content so it fits it's the dramatisation as well as mix and mastering and detailed editing.
-mix and mastering of modern and heavy guitar driven music
-restoration of noisy recordings and elements.
Hardware ProficiencyAdvanced user of PC as well as all all types of microphones, recording devices and processors from Neumann, Focusrite, AKG etc.
Software ProficiencyAdvanced user of Nuendo, Cubase and Pro Tools products with all high-class plug-ins bundles (such as FabFilter, iZotope RX7, Waves, etc.)
Implementation and using VST's and synths for creating sound effects, instruments etc.

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Novi Sad, Vojvodina - Serbia

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