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213 vine street - Elizabeth, Union County - 07202 - United States

Andre Jordao is a Freelance Photographer, Cinematographer, Photo and Video Editor, Camera Operator, Drummer, and Precision Driver. His subjects include Live music, Motorsport, Cosplay, Portraits, Commercial work, and Weddings. He is tech-savvy and experienced in troubleshooting. He speaks Portuguese and Spanish. He recently graduated from William Paterson University where he was the Photography Club President for 2 years. He is looking for work and is experienced in travel. His ultimate goals are to become a rally car driver and cinematographer in order to compete in motorsport as well as specializing in recording performance driving and stunts for Film, Tv, and Digital media. He uses his Marching Band, Racing, and longboarding experience to incorporate dynamic and fluid motion to his Camera Operation.
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EducationBachelors Of Arts - Media Production
William Paterson University 2020
Photography Club President 2018-2020
Film, TV, Radio Club 2018-2020
Speciality Traveling Photography, Cinematography, Editing, Special Effects,
Drumming, Live Music Recording, Live Video Mixing for Live Music
Performance and Stunt Driving, Racing, Simulator Racing,
Communications, Project Management,
Cinematography, Grip, Electric
Hardware ProficiencyPHOTOGRAPHY (Advanced)
-- (High-Speed Photography, Long Exposure, and Dynamic Long-Exposure Exposure Photography)

VIDEO (Intermediate)
-- (Manual and Dynamic Live Auto Focusing)
-- DSLRs, PMW, FS700, GOPRO, Mobile

TV STUDIO (Proficient)
-- Tv Studio Camera Operation (Intermediate)
-- Teleprompter (Proficient)
-- Lighting Controller (Novice, Studying Online)
-- Audio Board Operator (Proficient)

-- Camera Mounts (Tripods, Sliders, Dolly Carts, Shoulder Mounts, Freehand)
-- Grip & Electric (Lighting Mounting Systems)
-- 3 Point Studio Set-Up (Lights, Backdrop, Props, Subject's Seat)
-- Lighting Systems (Photo Studio, Tv Studio, Film Set)

-- Boom Operator (Proficient)
Software ProficiencyPHOTOGRAPHY
-- Adobe Lightroom (Advanced)
-- Capture One (Proficient)
-- Photo Mechanic (Proficient)

-- Adobe Premiere Pro (Intermediate)
-- Adobe Photoshop (Intermediate)
-- Adobe After Effects (Intermediate)
-- Davinci Resolve (Proficient)
-- Final Cut Pro (Proficient)

-- Pro Tools (Intermediate)
-- Adobe Audition (Proficient)

-- Resolume Arena 5 (Novice)
-- VDMX5 (Proficient)

-- Notion (Intermediate)
-- Todoist (Intermediate)
-- Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel) (High Intermediate)
-- Google and Microsoft Cloud Services & App Suite (Drive, Teams)

-- Data Management and Backup Workflows (High Intermediate)
-- PC & Mac Troubleshooting (High Intermediate)
-- Python (Basic)

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Submitted by on Aug 25, 2020
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213 vine street - Elizabeth, Union County - 07202 - United States

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